My NASCAR Dream Team

RT WhiteContributor IAugust 8, 2008

I really cannot take any credit for this article. It was purely a natural reaction after I read "Open Mic: S.M.'s All-Time Favorites from All Three NASCAR National Series" by S M Napier.

I liked his article so much that I decided I had to create my own DREAM TEAM!

For my organization, I’ve chosen three drivers in each series. I’ve also chosen a sponsor for each of my drivers.


Craftsman Truck

1) Johnny Benson

Why JB? I was at Michigan in June of '06. I watched him win for the first time in his home state. I was there again in '08 when he finished second. I think that was one of the most exciting truck finishes I've ever seen.

His sponsor? Pearl Vision. Ok go with me on this; remember, this is a Dream Team. Why Pearl Vision? JB is the only driver I know of to race with his glasses on. What better way to raise ROI, than have JB sport the latest frames from victory lane!

2) Scott Speed

I'll admit that I don't know much about Scott Speed, but from what I have read and watched at the ARCA event in Michigan in '08, I like it. The dude is just what NASCAR needs, something different.

But be what it may, the guy can drive a car and get it to victory lane.

His sponsor? Ralph Loren. Yup, good ole Polo & Co. Hey, I read the guy is into fashion so why not. I want my sponsors to be U.S. based, so Burberry is out!

3) Colin Braun

What can I say? I like this kid. I mean, he's just about to turn 21 and he's having a fine rookie campaign. He has a diverse background and has driven a lot of different cars. Seems like all the great Cup drivers have a background of driving plenty of different rigs.

Colin's sponsor? I haven’t worked that one out yet. Something out of Texas? Is George W into sponsoring racecars?

Ok, so there is my Truck team. 1) Strong veteran presence and championship contender. 2) New kid on the block that is going to make people talk, bring some PR to my organization, and WILL lead and win races. 3) True young gun with a lot of potential.

The only thing my team lacks is a past champion, but JB may just fix that after the '08 year!


Busch Series (Sorry Nationwide, but it's still Busch in my mind)

1) Joey Logano

Am I a bandwagon jumper? Well, yes and no. The kid can definitely drive. The only thing stopping me from putting him on my Cup roster is the fact that he's only had seven career Busch starts.

His sponsor? Wonder Bread. After all, his nickname is "The next best thing since sliced bread." Can’t you just see him in Ricky Bobby's duds?

2) Landon Cassill

There are a couple reasons I like him. First, he's an Iowa Boy! Second, in his limited season so far, he’s run pretty well. Once he starts qualifying without crashing, look out. I wish this kid well.

Landon's sponsor? Think local. Think United Fire Group. If you don't know the company, get to know them.

3) Kevin Harvick

I know, I might take some flack for putting him on my Busch team, but honestly, I can't fit him on my Cup team. In a Busch car, he's just about unbeatable. A true champ.

Who will sponsor his ride? Joe Boxer. Yep, all those boxer shorts with the yellow smiley face. It’s a perfect fit for Happy Harvick!

There's my Busch team. 1) A future star. 2) A local star. 3) Past champion that will fight for wins week in and week out. (Just ask Biffle or JP Montoya.)


Sprint Cup

1) Tony Stewart

The two-time champ might be winless on the year, but no matter what track is on the Cup schedule, he is a threat to win. Plus, a driver that isn't afraid to speak his mind is one to fear and respect.

Stewy’s sponsor? I like the looks of the No. 14 Old Spice Impala, so I’ll stick with it.

2) Kasey Kahne

I like Kasey. I think his commercials are hilarious. I also think he can drive on any type of track.

Who will sponsor this driver? Better question is: Who wouldn’t beat down my door to sponsor him. After much deliberation, the winner is Hersey’s. Just think, the No. 9 Hersey's Kiss Chevy!

3) David Ragan

This might raise an eyebrow or two, but he's come a long way since he was called "a dart with no feathers." Thanks for the quote Stewy!

His sophomore campaign has been very consistent. And as an added bonus, he's got that accent.

Who is going to sponsor his ride? Planters Peanuts. What's the connection you might say? Well, think Jimmy Carter. He was a Georgia peanut farmer, and Ragan is from Georgia. Planters is one of the "Official Snacks of NASCAR." The logic is flawless. Only problem is I think Planters is based out of Pennsylvania.

There it is, the Cup squad. 1) The champ. He's got a fighter's chance at tying or passing Jeff Gordon with four Cup championships. 2) Mr. Popular.  3) The dark horse. Pretty soon he’ll be racing for wins, not just top 15s.

Oh, and did I mention my team runs on Bow Tie power?

OK! So there is my Dream Team.



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