Seven Reasons Why Ohio State Is Not to Blame for Their BCS Bid Last Year

Jonah BookerCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

The new football season is upon us, and the Buckeyes' bashing from the media and the rest of the country is still as loud as it was on Jan. 8, the day after the National Championship game.


Many fans hated the fact that Ohio State backed their way into the BCS Championship Game. I’m here to tell you that Ohio State is not to blame for making it.


Here is a list of the seven things people should be blaming.



7.  Michigan and Wisconsin


Both teams were picked to finish ahead of Ohio State in the Big 10 in 2007. If either one could have lived up to their expectations, the king would have been knocked off his thrown. Instead, the Buckeyes went on to win its fourth Big 10 title this decade.



6. South Florida


When the BCS ranking came out in Week Seven, the Bulls were ranked No. 2 in the polls. Many people would argue they were on uncharted waters, but if you’re good enough to be ranked second in the BCS, you’re good enough to make it to the big dance.


After beating Auburn at Auburn during a night game, the Bulls went on to beat West Virginia, who was ranked fifth at the time. Instead of cruising their way to a Big East title game and possible national title, they choked to Rutgers, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.



5. Boston College


After South Florida fell to Rutgers in Week Seven, the Eagles jumped into the National Championship picture at No. 2. Led by future first-round quarterback Matt Ryan, the Eagles blew their chances by losing back-to-back games to mediocre Florida State and Maryland teams. All the Eagles had to do is win and they were in.



4. Oregon


After Ohio State was upset by Illinois, it allowed Oregon to slide into the dreaded No. 2 spot in the Week 11 BCS rankings. You can blame Oregon’s demise on Dennis Dixon going down, but they had a legitimate shot of keeping Ohio State out of the game. Instead, they went downhill fast and lost to Arizona, UCLA, and Oregon State.



3. Kansas


The Jayhawks looked like a team that was poised to go undefeated and make it to the Big 12 Championship, with an opportunity to make it to the big dance. With two games remaining and ranked second in the BCS polls, they let their opportunity for greatness slip through their fingers by losing a tough one to Missouri.



2. Missouri and West Virginia


All you have to do is win and you’re in. College fans around the world would see a new face in the National Championship game, while blocking OSU out of a second-straight berth.


Yet these two teams choked their way out of the big dance, causing more controversy in the flawed BCS system. Is it Ohio State's fault they received a bid to the title game? Or is Missouri and West Virginia to blame for not stepping up to the plate in the last games of the season?



1. Your own respected team


Many fans complain about Ohio State getting beat in the title game two years in a row. Many would argue that they didn’t deserve to be there, or that they wouldn’t be able to stomach seeing them there for a third-straight year.


Well I've got some news for you. There are 64 other major teams in BCS conference that would be allowed to play in national title game if they just won. Don’t fault Ohio State for backing into a title game; fault your own respected team for not stepping up the plate and winning.


People shouldn’t be so upset about the system or Ohio State for getting blown out in the title game, they should question the above teams for choking their way out of a title game.


Just this writer's humble opinion.