These Days, The Irish Play Notre Shame Football

James StarkCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

Am I the only person sick and tired of Notre Dame's constant media attention? The media needs to get over Notre Dame's national championship 20 years ago.

I get outraged when Notre Dame "earns" a BCS bid when so many other teams much deserving should be there. Notre Dame has lost nine straight bowl games. Give other teams a shot, that don't normally get to be in the big spotlight.

In 2007, Notre Dame lost by 27 points to LSU, and how about the previous two years? They lost by a combined total of 41 points.

It's even worse when Notre Dame gets the top recruits in the nation year after year but fails to win bowl games. Notre Dame has a great overall winning percentage, but they also have a dismal 13-15 record in bowl games. 

Notre Dame football really deserves to be called Notre Shame football because of the constant disappointing seasons, ending with a loss in a bowl game.

I respect the Notre Dame tradition and their 11 national championships, but that was the past. USC, LSU, and Ohio State are the ones winning the big games today, not Notre Shame.

How about the BCS committee give chances to teams like Wisconsin, who certainly have had recent success, but not getting the chance to play in "bigger bowl games."

Wisconsin has won all three Rose Bowls attended in recent years, and they actually earned the respect to play in the "big games", not because of their name. The Badgers are 6-3 in their last nine bowl games, compared to the Irish's 0-9 record.

Notre Dame is predicted to have yet another mediocre season, but still gets the majority of the media attention. The BCS system is tarnished because teams like Notre Dame are getting the BCS bids, and Boise State didn't get enough attention, especially after the Fiesta Bowl.

Hurray for more terrible blowout games, and bah humbug to Boise State and Wisconsin.