Open Mic: All-Time Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IAugust 8, 2008

I have to acknowledge that Justin Goar's style in his Open Mic article helped influence the following article.


Also, special thanks to the BR admins for the Open Mic topic this week. This made the article writing as easy as one can imagine. Let's see here...oh yeah, just list the best players who have ever played for your favorite team. Wow, who could not take advantage of this?


Therefore, without further ado, I give you the best of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Enjoy.




QB: Joe Namath – Ken Stabler and Jay Barker


RB: Johnny Musso – Shaun Alexander and Bobby Humphrey


FB: Johnny Cain – Tony Holm and Dustin McClintock


WR: Ray Perkins – Joey Jones and Wayne Wheeler


WR: David Palmer – D.J. Hall and Tyrone Prothro


TE: Ozzie Newsome – Don Hutson


C: Dwight Stephenson – Lee Roy Jordan and Sylvester Croom


G: John Hannah – Wayne Freeman


G: Billy Neighbors – Larry Rose


T: Chris Samuels – Buddy Brown


T: Cecil Dowdy – Fred Sington





DE: John Copeland – Leroy Cook


DE: Eric Curry – John Mitchell


DT: Marty Lyons – John Hand


DT: Billy Neighbors – Richard Cole


LB: Lee Roy Jordan – Woodrow Lowe


LB: Derrick Thomas – DeMeco Ryans


LB: Cornelius Bennett – Thomas Boyd and Barry Kraus


CB: Antonio Langham – Jeremiah Castille


CB: Harry Gilmer – Don Hutson


FS: George Teague – Bobby Johns


SS:  Tommy Wilcox – Kevin Jackson



Special Teams


PK: Van Tiffin – Michael Proctor


P: Lane Bearden 


KR/PR: David Palmer – Harry Gilmer


And of course the head coach is non other than Paul "Bear" Bryant.



I tried to limit it to just the primary and back-up for each spot. However, some positions just have too many greats. In fact I'm sure I left off a few from the list that may have been very deserving.


Note that Dustin McClintock may have not been great in the eyes of many, but he stands out in my mind as leading the way and blocking for Alabama's all-time rushing leader, Shaun Alexander.


Note that Tyrone Prothro would have made historical marks on the entire game had he not suffered such a horendous injury; therefore, I have included him.


Also, note that Lane Bearden (P) does not need a back-up. The guy, who was Tyler Watt's main receiver in high school, converted to punter after  arriving at the Capstone. He punted most of his senior season with a torn ACL and MCL, averaging about 40 yards per punt.


During the Auburn game that season Bearden made a touchdown saving tackle following a punt, all this with the injuries he had been enduring! Yep, I'd say he's got that spot secure. Note to coaching staff: use all other punters for the squad team.