Open Mic: The All-Time Philadelphia 76ers All-Time Lineup

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

The Sixers are a legendary franchise with several great players.  Which is why this list was so hard.  I tried to put together a great starting five along with an impressive bench.  A bit of team chemistry was taken into account as well. 

The Starting Five:

At Point Guard standing at six foot one and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, out of West Texas State number ten Maurice Cheeks!

Easily the most unselfish point guard in the history of the franchise.  He's currently eighth all-time in the NBA in assists, and third all time in steals.  An offensive and defensive threat to any team.  Mo averaged about twelve points per game with over two steals a game as well.

Mo won an NBA title in 1983, was named to four consecutive NBA All-Defensive First Teams, and has his number ten retired by the Sixers.

At Shooting Guard standing at six foot two and weighing one hundred and eighty five pounds, out of Guilford number twenty-one World B Free!

Now while World may have been a point guard but running two points out there, especially with the defensive abilities of Cheeks and his unselfishness he could feed World the ball and have him go off for the point totals he saw throughout his career.  World had explosive athletic ability and could dunk with the best of them.  He had the ability to grab the boards and pass the ball as well. 

At Small Forward standing at six foot seven and weighing two hundred pounds, out of Massachusetts, number six Julius Erving!

Dr. J. the innovator of the high style dunks is one of the most remembered Sixers of all time.  The man could flat out put on a show.  Winning the NBA MVP in 1981 and helping the Sixers build to a championship.  The man could put the ball into the hoop like no other he finished top five in the combined NBA/ABA for almost every significant offensive category including scoring and field goals made.  When you get right down to it defensive may when championships but the goal is also to have more than the other team Dr. J. ensures we have more.

At Power Forward standing at six foot ten and weighing two hundred and sixty pounds, out of Petersburg High School, number two Moses Malone!

Moses was a great rebounder and scorer during his time in Philly.  He was added in the 1983 season and changed the course of the franchise as the defeated the Lakers in the championship round.  Big Mo will always be remembered for his Fo', Fo', Fo' playoff guarantee.  In which the Sixers swept two of the three series making Mo look good. In thirteen playoff games Mo averaged twenty-six points and almost sixteen boards.  The big money play earns Mo this starting spot.

At Center standing at seven foot one weighing two hundred and seventy-five pounds, out of Kansas number thirteen Wilt Chamberlain!

Thats right the big man is The Big Dipper.  He's scored a hundred in a game.  He's averaged forty and fifty in a year.  The big man even lead the league in assists once.  He's one of the greatest big men who ever lived and he wore the Sixers jersey proudly. The man three-peated as MVP of the league and simply dominated the game the way no one else has.  Which is why "The Chairman of the Boards" is my starting big man.

Now the Bench.

PG: Allen Iverson

Allen is behind Cheeks because Cheeks is more willing to pass and the job of the point guard is to pass first, pass second, and pass third, then shoot.

SG: Hal Greer

Greer played a long time ago and whether or not he could hang in some with some of the other greats of today at the position is unknown.  besides I like World's sheer athleticism to start.

SF:Bobby Jones

A Sixth-Man-of-the-Year this is a no brainer he can "D" up and feels comfortable off the bench.

PF: Sir Charles Barkley

This is back when Barkley looked like he could dunk not when he just dunked donuts.  Barkley can flat out board and tells it like it is.

C: Dikembe Mutumbo

Second all time in blocks I like bringing good "D" off the bench.  Dikembe is one of the best defenders of all time.