Can Liverpool Win the Premiership Title?

Justin BaskinCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2007

Who can deny that Liverpool are playing beautiful football at the moment?

They are great to watch, but we all know that confidence can run out and disillusion can set in. If Liverpool want to win the Premiership this year, they will have to do something they haven't done in more than 20 years—show championship character.

Liverpool have failed to take any points off the main title challengers over the last few years. The team has folded against its main opponents. This year Arsenal traveled to Anfield, and Liverpool were really lucky to get a draw against a supreme Arsenal side.

My hope is that when Chelsea, Arsenal, and Utd visit Anfield, Liverpool can make them fear the visit, knowing they are going to have a tough game they cannot win. We can't blame our fans for not creating a frightening atmosphere because they do that every week. Liverpool have the best fans in the Premiership, but they need to feed off of them and bring their energy onto the pitch.

I think we need to find Tores a striking partner. Of the two choices, I believe Crouch is the answer, as he is a striker who scores goals. For the tallest player in team, I feel his ability with his head needs to be improved. Although Kuyt works hard he does not score enough goals and he needs to work on his aim. A striker who does not score more than 20 goals a season is a liability.

Liverpool must become a team others fear. The perfect example of this is the 1998 Manchester United team. Like that team, we must have a never-quit attitude, like when we won the Champions League coming back from three goals down so can we win the premiership from being four points down.

The season is long and we are now reaching crunch time. There are a lot of games in a short period and if we keep our heads in the game and play with consistency we will get through it.

So can Liverpool win the premiership?

I think the answer is yes, but it will not be easy. In order to win we must be vigilant and fearless. Liverpool must make a statement with every match they play: "We are challenging for the title so get used to it."