Why ECW Is Losing Its Edge

Eric BelisleContributor IAugust 7, 2008


A chant that can be heard around the arena every time something extreme happens. But does it have the same passion than when ECW was first introduced?

When Vince McMahon announced that WWE would be sponsoring ECW: One Night Stand back in 2005, there was an uproar in the world of sports entertainment. For one night only, the wrestlers who had put both their bodies and lives on the line would return for a night of mayhem.

The event was held where ECW had originated, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The entire night was filled with ECW original superstars, including The Sandman, Sabu, Rob van Dam, The Dudley Boyz, Balls Mahoney, and many more.

After the huge success with One Night Stand, WWE decided to bring the event back for 2006. This time, WWE chairman Vince McMahon had announced that after the Pay-Per-View, they would be bringing ECW to a regularly scheduled program to be held on Tuesdays nights at 10 pm on SciFi.

When the new show debuted, they had many of the ECW originals who competed in a variety of matches, leading up to the main event which was to be contested under extreme rules. The nostalgia of ECW brought about a crowd larger than many from the WWE could have possibly imagined.

It has been just over two years since the return of the ECW, and now it is simply just a shell of its former self.

Since the debut, Sandman just simply disappeared, Balls Mahoney faded away, and Sabu and Rob van Dam left because of "injuries". The only two ECW originals that still remain in the business are Taz and Tommy Dreamer.

There are no longer any extreme matches. In fact, there are rarely any weapons used at all. For "extreme" championship wrestling, it seems to me that it has become rather tame. And, most recently, they have gotten rid of the original ECW championship belt and have come out with a brand new design.

The only thing that WWE has kept is the name of "ECW" itself.

One idea (inspired by the article "Should WWE bring back the Hardcore Title?") is to bring the Hardcore Championship back, exclusively to ECW. Not only would the title bring back some more nostalgia from the good old WWF days during the Attitude Era, but it would also give the ECW fans a reason to call their show "extreme".