MMA Fighters and Insiders Give Their Pick On GSP Vs. Fitch

D WizzleSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2008

D Wizzle's World  asked  MMA fighters, insiders, and ring girls who they think will win this Saturday night when Georges St.Pierre defends his welterweight title  against challenger Jon Fitch at UFC 87.

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson
(UFC welterweight contender) :  I hope my boy Fitch wins, but GSP is no bitch, so I hope whoever shows up and wants it the most, wins.

Josh "The Punk" Thomson (Strikeforce Lightweight Champion): Fitch, Fitch, Fitch, Fitch!!! OH, did I say Fitch??!!! (Laughs)

Stephen Quadros
(MMA  analyst and commentator): I pick GSP to retain his belt not because Jon Fitch isn't good, or doesn't deserve  a shot at the title. He most certainly does! The problem is that the champion is better in more facets of the game than Fitch is. Long story short, I don't think there is a 170 pound fighter in the world today who can beat Georges St.Pierre.

Nicole Craner (Strike Force Ring Girl): GSP...because there is no one like him. His work ethic is phenomenal. I think it will go the distance though.

Keith "KO Kid" Berry 
(KOTC Middleweight Champion and EliteXC fighter): I think GSP will win a unanimous decision over Fitch. GSP is on another level than anyone in his division. It's insane.

Nate Moore( Gladiator Challenge fighter fighting out of American Kickboxing Academy): As a training partner to Fitch, I will obviously be biased towards thinking Fitch will be the winner. However, I can tell you that Fitch is the more intelligent and mentally prepared fighter. Jon will undoubtedly stick to his game plan and grind out a well executed fight. Aside from having the side advantage, Fitch had a near perfect training camp, and he will be ready to give St.Pierre a five round war if necessary.

Elaina "Beef" Maxwell (Strikeforce fighter from Cung Le's gym):  I think Fitch will win by decision because GSP usually takes his opponent's best attribute and beats them with it. Fitch isn't imbalanced in one area, which means he is a well-rounded fighter. He's not good in one area and bad in another. This will definitely be a chess match, a close fight, and a war of wills.

Darren Uyenoyama (Dream and Strikeforce fighter ): I really want Fitch to win. I like his approach as a competitor and his hard work ethic. There are definitely some positions he can beat GSP in. However, GSP is very consistent and keeps a constant pace throughout his fights. He also recovers very well so it's not going to  be easy. It's going to be a classic match of boxer vs. brawler. The fan in me wants Fitch to win, but the analyst in me says the odds are on GSP.

Crooklyn (host of CageSide Live ): I'm hoping Fitch takes it. He's a powerhouse, has terrific wrestling, very decent jiu-jitsu, and has very good cardio. I just see those factors playing  out more definitively than any of GSP's previous opponents.  Let's hope I'm right because Jon Fitch is a friend of mines, and I want him to have that belt!

Michael Toney  from Dominance Fight Gear (co-author of MMA book, "Tales From The Cage"):  GSP by decision.  I think it will be a very tactical fight, and potentially a little boring. GSP is in his prime, and is going to be very tough to beat.

Gabe  "Godzilla" Ruediger (Team Quest fighter) : It's an interesting match up. I think Fitch is one of the few fighters who can give GSP a run. Both of them are very well-rounded and can usually dictate where the fight happens. That's where this fight is interesting. I'm going with GSP by decision although I wouldn't be suprised if Fitch won the same way.

Jason Von Flue (The Ultimate Fighter 2 contestant and former UFC and Strikeforce fighter ) : I'm thinking GSP by decision. It will be the same fight as GSP vs. Koscheck.

Damon Gee (CEO of KNOXX Gear): I like Fitch because he is a very  determined fighter. He gave up a lot to move to San Jose and improve his game in order to become the best fighter in the world. He has a lot of heart and training is his life.

D Wizzle ( D Wizzle's World): Jon Fitch has never fought anyone as good as GSP in his career. Beating the Chris Wilsons and Josh Burkmans of the world is different than defeating the best welterweight fighter in the world today.  Fitch will hang in there for the first few rounds, but GSP is more athletic and talented, and he will win by TKO in the third or fourth round. Fitch's win streak ends in Minnesota.