UEFA Champions League: Can Manchester United Go All The Way?

Harald HarestadCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2007

sportslogos.netAs we head for the Christmas break, the Premier League keeps on rolling.  Manchester United seem to follow Arsenal's majestetic results, while advancing quite easily to the next round in the world's biggest club football tournament.  I intend on giving the Reds a quick analysis, as well as predicting how far Manchester United can go.

Being in the same group as Roma, Sporting Lisbon and Dynamo Kiev, there weren't many voices claiming this to be a tough journey to the knockout stages for United.  Seeing as the only real threat was the Italian superstars in Roma, many reporters deemed Manchester United to advance without bruises.

They were quite right.

Given United's poor season opening, a few voices of concern were uttered.  However, as the group stages come to a close, Group F sees Manchester at the top of the table, with 15 points, after the 2-1 win against Cristiano Ronaldo's old club Sporting Lisbon. Roma, meanwhile, sit in second, after a convincing 4-1 victory against Dynamo Kiev.

Next up for Ferguson's men are Roma, possibly with their demolishing loss at Old Trafford earlier this year still in mind.  Though few will dispute that Manchester United will advance, it will still be a fixture filled to the brink with passion, high tech football, and hopefully loads of goals.

Carlos Tevez seems to have found his spot in front of goal, Wayne Rooney appears back on track, and Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on being the character non-United fans love to hate. Youngster Gerard Pique has also drawn some attention with the first goal against Dynamo Kiev—a goal which lead to a 4-0 victory, with the three aforementioned players on the scoreboard.

United seem to have found that crucial flow which any football-side with ambitions to win depends on.  As always, the fans' expectations to once again claim the throne as the best club in Europe are sky high—perhaps even more this year, as a result of Ole Gunnar Solskjær's retirement.  The days seem to constantly remind us of that glorious evening in 1999, as 2'0Le'gend brought the UEFA Champions League triumph to Old Trafford.

Perhaps with the results United have produced in the group stages, the stage is set for the returning giants.