Dana White Slams Affliction and Tito Ortiz in Scathing Interview

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2008

Dana White was recently interviewed and asked about his thoughts in response to the signing of Tito Ortiz by Affliction. Dana began by shrugging it off and calling it "f***ing hilarious." It all went downhill from there.

Dana began by commenting that Tito hasn't won a fight in two years and that his last major win was over a "60-year-old man." (Obviously a poke at Ken Shamrock.) It seems like the hate between the two hasn't cooled off. 

He also lashed out at Renato "Babalu" Sobral when he said, "Ortiz vs. Babalu, oh yeah I can watch two guys who got knocked out by Chuck Liddell twice!"

Dana may be upset, but it seems he always falls back on the Chuck Liddell card. What if it were Rampage Jackson who had signed? I wonder what his response may have been then?

He also slammed Affliction when he commented on how MMA is a vicious business and that it is not something you can just jump into. While I agree, Affliction's timing is perfect. With now defunct PRIDE and also the IFL gone, it's looking more and more like a two-man race.

Some contend Dream, but without Sakurai and Cro Cop it fails. Not to mention it has big money behind it, like Donald Trump. With Fedor, Arlovski, Babalu, Barnett, and now Ortiz, Affliction isn't "just jumping in." They've made sure they have a foundation to challenge the UFC.

This is welcome to PRIDE fans everywhere as Dream has disappointed overall. For this, Affliction may have grounds to contend with the UFC for some time to come.

Dana went on to berate top non-UFC names like Frank Shamrock, saying that he was "beat to death" by Cung Le.

I have not been Frank's biggest fan, but Cung Le is tough as nails and a loss to him is not anything to be ashamed of. Losing to him is like losing to Cro Cop in his prime. What can you do? You just got caught with a kick.

However, back to Dana's original comments about Tito being big news being "f***ing hilarious."

Why wouldn't a former UFC champ and world class grappler be big news? A famous UFC vet coming out of retirement for a big name fight isn't news? It seemed like news when Randy did it. Why not Tito? I know Dana will be biased, but come on, don't be that hypocritical.

As much as I love Dana, at times I can hate him just as much. I guess that's what makes me tune in to see what he does next. Hook, line, and sinker.