The NFL Hedge Fund: Week 14 Best Bets

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The NFL Hedge Fund: Week 14 Best Bets


The football Black Box generates top five picks weekly for spreads and moneylines.

Note that "Bet Soon" indicates a pushable spread, and "x2!" indicates a double bet.

Here are the top five:

Spread Bets

1. SD Pick'em v. TEN Away
2. ARI +7 v. SEA Away - Bet Soon
3. PIT +10 v. NE Away - Bet Soon
4. STL +6.5 v. CIN Away
5. KC +6.5 v. DEN Away

Moneyline Bets 

1. NO -220 v. ATL @Home 
2. WAS -160 v. CHI Away 
3. CLE -165 v. NYJ @Home 
4. TB -150 v. HOU @Home 
5. PHI -140 v. NYG Away 

The current Box algorithm has returned the following in the last two seasons:

Buy In: $100.00  Weeks With   
Balance: $2,474.43  >50% Returns:  16
$s Bet: $5,022.68    
Payouts: $7,397.11  Weeks With   
% Return: 2374.43%  <0% Returns:  4
2006 Ret: 912.84%    
2007 Ret: 1461.59%    

For more information, including suggested dollar amounts, go to Mental Handicap, the daily NFL betting blog.

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