Kane: Where's the monster behind the mask?

Jason ThorntonCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Remember when Kane used to be a monster who could feel no pain?  Remember when no matter how much he got beat up and put down he always got right back up and was a force to be feared?

What happened to him?  It seems that Kane transitioned from Monster to pussycat.  Is it some reverse psychology for his opponents or has he really lost his essence since he lost the mask.

Kane, the big red machine was literally that back in the day—a machine, an unstoppable creature that caused nightmares.  A masked freak who had killed his parents in a house fire and was once his Brother's worst enemy.

I remember seeing Kane rip off the panel in Hell in a Cell only to attack his brother whom he then loathed.  I remember thinking to myself "OH WHO IS THIS?".  I watched with intent at the path of destruction he laid from that night and then on.

Then he ended up hanging round with XPAC and Torrie...we found out he wasn't just a silent monster but needed a voice assist box to speak.  this made his character more appealing and a little more terrifying. Especially the night he told Steve Austin, "This Sunday the blood on you will be for real" and Austin took a shower of blood.  That was a fearful moment in Kane history.

I remember the on and off relationship and the friendship and feuds he had with The Undertaker.  This made his story more insightful and intriguing.

I then remember Kane got a real voice after he was told by Xpac "You don't need this" and he threw away his voice assist box.

Kane changed his suits, all slowly revealing that he didn't have any burns until one day Eric Bischoff was telling him he had to remove the mask... Up until this point people believed he was really scarred. 

I remember the night he was losing his mask and the really bad wig he wore along with the terrible haircut and bad black makeup he had on when the mask finally got removed.

Kane hasn't been the same since he lost the mask...He's become way too human.  I hope that one day they can put the mask back on and this will be the source of his super human powers, and that he can become a monster again.

Right now as Kane stands, he's just another wrestler...Please WWE, Bring back our beloved monster.