Who's the Man

Joel LefevreAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

After an impressive 32-28 come from behind win two weeks ago, the Bombers looked to be turning the corner.  The defence looked stronger than ever, and a sputtering offence seemed to be getting their groove back. 

They were amazingly only one game out of first place before last weeks match up with the Argos and full of confidence with they're new spark Ryan Dinwiddie.  After last weeks 19-11 loss to the Argos there is once again doubt that the Bombers are back.

While the defence looked extremely solid only allowing 12 points (the rest coming of a Dorsey kick return).  Clearly whatever confidence the offence got two weeks ago left with the devastating loss at the Rogers Centre.  So now the big question is, "Who is the man?"  As in, "Who is the QB that can lead this team, and get them out of this hole they have dug themselves?"

Can Dinwiddie regain that confidence he had two weeks ago, throwing for 450 yards and a td, or will he be the Diniwiddie we saw last Friday and in last years grey cup, the cocky young QB who looks to one receiver always and makes it too obvious to the defence what he is doing. 

Will Kevin Glenn see the field again?  While he has been shaky this season, he is much more seasoned in the CFL game and has proven he can bounce back.  The one thing every team does not want to have appears to be happening in Winnipeg: controversy. 

It is clearly a tough call for Bomber fans, players, and coach. Berry, who is the guy you believe in at this point in time? One thing is for certain, one of these men has got to step forward and lead this team and accept the challenge cause this Bombers team is too talented to be in the position they are.  With a one and five record and a strong West division, the margin for error is very slim. 

Whoever Doug Berry decides to go with has to be ready to lead by example, and has to get the respect of his entire offence to get the job done.  The defence has clearly done their job the last few weeks, it is up to a struggling offence to give the defence a break and get this team out of the current tailspin they are in. 

This Bombers team needs to rally around whoever is in there and they have to know that they must improve and that at this point in time, losing is not an option.