Eagles Return to Full Power

James OrdileContributor IAugust 7, 2008

Around Eagles Nation in the last few years there has been much talk of a Superbowl win. I believe the Eagles are capable of performing in a fashion that will allow them to reach the Superbowl. They've acquired a couple of good young receivers such as:  Desean Jackson, and Brandon "BAM" Childress.

Their defense is a solid wall of talons when fully healthy because they have such players as Brian Dawkins and Asante Samuel. They also have Lito Sheppard, who, if he is still an eagle come regular season, is a huge threat to have in the secondary. They also have SS Quinten Mikell who is showing he has what it takes to be a starting safety.

The other player looking for that spot is Sean Considine who is a solid player and can lay down some pretty good hits when neccesary. They have a very solid line with Trent Cole leading the charge.

They do, however, have a rather weak linebacking core now that Trotter and Spikes are gone. They have a young linebacking squad ready to prove themselves. On offense they have, in my opinion, the best runningback in the current NFL, Brian Westbrook. He can carve a pretty big path in teams' defenses.

If Mcnabb is 100% healthy he can throw some bombs and at the end of last year he was running very well which shows signs of good recovery. Their receiving core isnt weak but isn't that powerful either. They have a good WR in Kevin Curtis.  Reggie Brown was not at full form last year but is capable of perhaps 15 touchdowns a year.

Their O-Line could use some young blood. With the whole line aging and with Jon Runyan and Shawn Andrews being the only real powerhouses on the line, they need help. Mcnabb was sacked an extraordinarily large amount of times last year. This is why I see the need for an upgraded line.

In spite of the weaknesses, I see the Eagles as a very powerful team that is well capable of winning the Superbowl in 09.