Sonya Thomas and the Oddest Competitive Eating Victories Ever

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2010

Sonya Thomas and the Oddest Competitive Eating Victories Ever

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    Sonya Thomas is a freak of nature. That's really all I can say.

    "The Black Widow" (which has to be the most awesome nickname ever) broke another world record for competitive eating by eating 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes.

    What makes it even more impressive is that she's five feet tall and only weighs 105 pounds, making it an odd victory for such a tiny woman.

    With odd victories in mind, we're going to break down the strangest eating champs of all time, with a focus on the food of choice, and the amount eaten.

10. Oleg Zhornitskiy

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    Most people don't like a lot of mayonnaise. There's a reason it's a spread and it's usually not put en mass on a sandwich.

    I like mayo, but let's be honest, it kind of smells bad but some how Oleg got past it long enough to eat four 32-ounce bowls of the stuff in eight minutes.

    I'm not sure I'd be able to watch that in person. That just sounds gross.

9. Richard LeFevre

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    I'll be honest, I've never seen anyone eat SPAM in my entire life, but the food has such a following that there is an annual SPAMARAMA festival that includes an eating contest.

    In 2004, Richard LeFevre managed to down six pounds of SPAM in 12 minutes. That is just a disgusting amount of food, especially for an older gentleman like him.

    Although, is the word gentleman applicable to someone who eats like that?

8. Sonya Thomas

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    Unless you listened to John Madden speak over the years, you may not be familiar with Turducken, which is a turkey which is a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey.

    In 2003, Sonya managed to eat eight pounds of it in 12 minutes which is just so incredible for a woman of her size. How she manages to eat the way she does, I'll never know.

    I just know that I'd need to take part on a bed because I'd be pretty sleepy after that.

7. Joey Chestnut

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    A lot of kids aren't fans of asparagus—or vegetables for that matter growing up. However, Joey Chestnut must either love asparagus or will just eat anything.

    The reigning hot dog eating champ ate nine pounds of the stuff in 10 minutes in 2008. Yes, that's nearly a pound a minute, which is an unfathomable pace.

6. Cookie Jarvis

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    Okay, I like sour pickles. I put them on sandwiches and sometimes eat them separate, but never would I ever dream of trying to eat a mass quantity of them.

    However, Cookie Jarvis did have that dream and accomplished it, eating three pounds of them in five minutes.

    I know America is the land of excess, but this is almost too much.

5. Patrick Bertoletti

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    I had never heard of poutine until I started doing research for this article, but evidently poutine is gravy and cheese covered fries.

    Despite how disgusting that sounds, Bertoletti sat down and ate 13 pounds in 10 minutes.

    How someone can eat more than a pound of anything in less than a minute is mind-boggling to me.

4. Patrick Bertoletti

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    Yes, Patrick has made it onto the list in back-to-back slots.

    This time he is here for eating Shoo-Fly pie, which is a molasses pie. He ate more than 11 pounds in eight minutes in 2007.

    With the way he's eaten some of these foods, it's kind of curious as to why he hasn't made a push to unseat Joey Chestnut as hot dog champ.

3. Dominic Cardo

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    Beef tongue isn't exactly what I'd consider fine dining. It just doesn't sound appetizing and to be frank, it looks awful too.

    I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to eat it, but Dominic Cardo did and not only ate it, but ate three pounds, three ounces in 12 minutes.

    I think people will eat anything in a contest just to say they were the champ. It's sad and embarrassing.

2. Dale Boone

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    Reindeer are mostly known for guiding Santa's sleigh and being one of the main players of the Christmas season.

    I've never heard of eating reindeer and never saw reindeer meat in my supermarket, but evidently there's a reindeer sausage eating contest and Dale Boone was the victor. He ate 28 of them in 10 minutes.

    That's nearly three of them a minute. How do you discover the talent for doing this? How much free time must you have?

1. Takeru Kobayashi

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    Most well-known for his prowess as a hot dog eater...and an arrest at this year's competition, Kobayashi also eats plenty of other foods and owns records in a lot of them.

    One of them is also the weirdest one I've ever heard of—cow brains.

    He ate 18 pounds of them in 15 minutes at a contest, which is the world record.

    Is it even safe to be eating them? Who would want to eat another animal's brain? The whole thing just disturbs me.