From Big Cheese to the Big Apple: Brett Favre Traded to New York .

Connor SchmenkCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

A 2 week long saga finally ended yesterday in Green Bay, where QB legend Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets for a draft pick. He has been considering coming out of retirement for at least a month, and when he sent a letter of reinstatement to commissioner Roger Goodell, the Packers front office didn't want him. They gave him a choice, sit the bench or be traded away. After weeks of controversy and exchanged words, the Packers finally traded him away from his beloved home and fans to the busy city of New York, where sports stars are followed like national celebritys

The trade for the future Hall of Famer was very complicated. This is how it goes.

#1-Traded for 2009 4th round draft pick.

#2- If Favre plays 50% of the time, the Packers get a 3rd round pick.

#3- If Favre plays 70%  and the Jets make the playoffs (unlikely), the Packers get a 2nd round draft pick.

#4- If Favre plays 80% of the time and the Jets make the Super Bowl (VERY unlikely), the Packers get a 1st round draft pick.

So, who's the winner and who's the loser? Well this trade shows just how desperate the Jets are. Sure they seriously upgraded this season by adding guard Alan Faneca, linebacker Calvin Pace, defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, center Damien Woody, and defensive end/linebacker Veronon Gohlston. But look at the big picture. The Jets went 10-6 in 2006, made it to the playoffs and looked to be just as good in the 2007 season. They then went on to have an embaresing season, ending at 4-12. Add this to a terrible QB situation, a not-so spectacular running game, and a skeptical fan base, and this could turn ugly. What would happen if Jets coach Eric Mangini benched the legend Favre, who was BORN before Mangini was.

All said, this was actually a reasonable trade for the Jets to make. It seriously seems like a short term answer to their QB problem. Plus, Favre's credentials show that he isn't very injury prone. This could give the Jets a starting QB that can come out and play every week. The Packers got a good deal because it shows how prepared for the future they are. They have a young, rising RB in Ryan Grant, a potential reliable QB in Aaron Rogers, and an extra draft pick to add on. This could end leaving everyone happy in the end.