Surviving the Cell: WWE's Most Gruesome Match- The Hell in a Cell

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

The Undertaker is the unquestionable Lord of the Cell... and he's back to give Edge Hell

At Summerslam The Undertaker Returns since his TLC match up at the ECW PPV One Night Stand against Edge. Edge a desperate man employed the help of The Familia, and pulled out all the stops to ensure that he would never again have to face the Undertaker. With the added stipulation that if Undertaker lost he would never again be seen in the WWE, Edge let out a sigh of relief thinking he had put the Undertaker behind him. 

Edge's recent betrayal's of Vicky Guererro's trust, due to his adulterous actions with Ms. Fox have gotten edge into some deep trouble. A woman scorned is not a woman you want to mess with, Vicky proved that by anouncing that as Smackdown GM she scheduled Edge in a Match at Summerslam against the Undertaker in a match which is considered the Undertaker's playground, the Hell in a Cell.

Edge was obviously a little frantic, and concerned with his well being, so much that last Friday on Smackdown he hosted a segment of "The Cutting Edge" in which he said he need to reach out to a man who could tell him how to beat the Undertaker or at least survive the cell. That man was no other than color commentator Mick Foley. Foley a little surprised, joined Edge in the ring to tell him that not only will he not help him, but he simply can't. There is no trick to beating the Undertaker or surviving the Cell, its something Edge had to search for in himself. Foley went on to remind the fans that only Edge can help Edge, he was once one of the greatest and fastest rising superstars in the company, a fantastic athlete and entertainer but he also added that he cannot step into the ring as a shell of the man he used to be, one who is more concerned with a love interest than his career and lively-hood, he needs that killer insticnt back.

Foley's word cut deep, and reached Edge in such a way that he displayed his new found ruthlessness on to Foley attacking him viciously even putting him through a table. Can this "New Edge" be enough to stop the Deadman? What will the Undertaker have in store for Edge? We will have to wait and see at Summerslam.

Who are the men who have "served sentences in the Cell"?

Well of course there is the Undertaker, he has dished out more pain in the hell in the cell than anyone else. He has fought:

  •  Shawn Michaels at In Your House: Badd Blood, which also marked the first appearance of Kane.
  • Kane and Mankind (Mick Foley) in an impromptu tag match with Stone Cold as his partner in a edition of RAW prior to the 1998 Ring of The Ring. 
  • Mankind in the 1998 King of the Ring match that showcased legendary brutality highlighted by two gruesome falls off the cage by Mankind. 
  • Big Bossman at Wrestlemania XV in which Undertake actually hung the big Bossman from the cell. 
  • The Six-Man Armageddon in a Cell match between the  Undertaker, Angle, Stone Cold, HHH, The Rock, and Rikishi, which saw Taker toss Rikishi from the top of the cell to a hay filled truck bed.
  • Brock Lesnar at 2002's No Mercy.
  • Randy Orton at Armageddon in 2005.
  • Batista at Survivor Series in 2007 which was interrupted by Edge costing Undertaker the Victory to Batista's world Heavyweight Title.

Another competitor who has also an extensive Hell in the Cell resume is HHH.

  • He fought Cactus Jack to defeat him in a retirment match at No Way Out in 2000.
  • The participated in the Six-Man Armageddon in a Cell match.
  • Fought Chris Jericho in a memorable match which saw HHH pin Jericho atop the Cell at Judgement day in 2002.
  • defeated Kevin Nash with Mick Foley as the special guest referee at Badd Blood 2003.
  • Defeated Michaels at Badd Blood 2004 which still stands as the longest Hell in the cell match almost 48 minutes in length.
  • Fought Batista in a losing effort for the Heavyweight title at Vengeance 2005.
  • And teamed up with Shawn Michaels as DX to take on the McMahon's (Vince and Shane) and the Big Show at 2006's Unforgiven.

In fact it is true that almost every hell in a cell match involves either the Undertaker or HHH, the only one not including them is Kane vs Mankind on a Aug. 24th edition of RAW is WAR in 1998.

What can be said of all of the men who have entered the cell?

All of them agree that stepping into that cell, or what good ole JR refers to it as "the devil's playground", takes years off their careers. Just take Mick Foley's word for it, he has never been the same since the two devastating falls he took at the King of the Ring, and the career ending fall he took from HHH at No Way Out which actually caused the ring to break.

It is a gruesome, demonic structure and many veterans of the sport think twice before allowing themselves to get booked in such a gruesome match. It is the very culimination of hardcore, and only seen as the final means of ending an intense rivalry. Plain and simple, no one ever leaves the Cell quite the same.

Dream match ups in the cell?

Well there is only one true dream match I'd can possibly see happening.... The Undertaker vs HHH one-on-one at Wrestlemania for the belt, while that might be a long shot, what better way to capitalize on the legacy that both men have created for the Hell in the Cell. But a fan can dream can't he?