Memo to Brett Favre Part 2: Be Careful What You Wish For

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2008

The Brett Favre vs. Packer management saga has come to a conclusion that seems to be a win-win-win for all three parties involved. Brett gets to go play quarterback again, the Jets get a future Hall of famer to lead a talented roster, and the Packers of course get rid of Brett Favre. The circus, however, is far from over.

Starting back in Cheeseland, Ted Thompson and Aaron Rodgers are on the hottest of hot seats. Every time Rodgers gets sacked or throws an incomplete pass he will hear the boo birds just like he did during the family night scrimmage this past week.

He will have to be perfect in ways not even Favre himself was. A quick note to Packer teammates: stop calling Rodgers A-Rod. Keep it up and your team will go 1-3 in October.

Ted Thompson will forever be seen as the guy who ran Brett out of town, no matter what happens from here forward. He stood his ground and refused to budge. His job security may be a Super Bowl or bust situation.

Head coach Mike McCarthy seems to get the least amount of heat because he was put in a no-win situation. What was he supposed to do? Publicly go against his boss Thompson? Even if he wanted Favre back and some reports indicate he did privately, how can he punk out his boss on such a monumental issue.

He was squeezed by both sides and the media these last few months. He more than anyone should be burned out over this.

Now on to New York. Here comes Brett. Well Brett Favre is going to quickly learn that as fast as the New York fans and media will be there to welcome him with open arms, they will be there just as fast with pitch forks and negative words.

Brett has always loved being a "country boy." Green Bay fit him perfectly. It was a small market where he could do no wrong. Even during this whole debacle most fans stood by their beloved number four. He has never faced the red hot glare he will when he gets to the Jets.

Jets fans are starved for a winner. They are passionate about their team. There is also the small little fact that their in stadium rival won the Super Bowl last year. This is a big time P.R. play for the Jets as much as it is a way to improve the team. Simply put, they needed Favre.

Things will not be as easy for Brett in New York. He will not have his interceptions overlooked by the fans or media. The fact that he threw an interception to cost his team a Super Bowl trip is hardly mentioned.

But what if he did that for a New York Team? Watch out. Go ask A-Rod what the glare of New York is like. It isn't always pretty. Last weekend Yankee fans even booed Derek Jeter. In New York it's produce and win or you get fried. Period.

Brett Favre may experience something he never has at home before: the home crowd turning on him. As hard as Packer fans will be on Rodgers, Jet fans will be equally hard on Favre. The first time he throws a pick he will be booed and crucified by the newspapers. No one has it easy there, not even certified legends.

There is the flip side of course. Favre could lead the Jets all the way. If that happens, he would experience highs he has never had before. He would be loved as much as he is in Green Bay if not more. It has been 40 years since the Jets won it all so you have to give them credit for pulling out all the stops. Will they win it all? Probably not. Will they be fun and exciting? Absolutely. Will the media circus be overwhelming? Priceless.

For the Packers, Favre, and the Jets, they all got what they wanted; now they all have to live with the consequences. This will be must see TV.