Stop Reading About UCLA Football

AndySenior Analyst IAugust 6, 2008

As we all know, fall camp opened yesterday.  The themes are well known: “new coaching regime,” “weak offensive line,” “who will be the QB.”  No need to read anymore about these things.

Let's all do some passive consumption of college football talk and listen to interviews with Aundre Dean, Ben Olson, Rick Neuheisel, and Norm Chow.  All have appeared on the Bruin flagship KLAC 570 in the past few days.  Here is the link.

Pretty soon you are going to be watching 12-15 hours of college football on the couch without moving a muscle.  Best to get started training your body to passively consume college football info without doing any nasty reading.

You should probably open a beer to start getting acclimated to the season.

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