Brett Favre Joins the New York Jets

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 6, 2016

Brett's a Jet. A couple of reports are now showing that Brett Favre is now a member of the New York Jets. No mention yet of what the trade involved, but my guess is that it includes a sort of tiered compensation. I'm sure it's probably at least a third round draft choice, but may move up based on Brett's and team's performance.

Personally, I have mixed emotions on this, as I'm sure you all do as well. I am a HUGE Favre fan. I appreciate everything he's done for the Packers. But I am, and always will be first and foremost, a Packers fan. I'm really going to miss him, but I'm glad the ordeal is over for the organization. I'm looking forward to the Aaron Rodgers era. Best of luck to you Aaron. We're all behind you!!!

A little more from Mark Murphy and Ted Thompson issued this statement:

"Brett has had a long and storied career in Green Bay, and the Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for everything he accomplished on the field and for the impact he made in the state. It is with some sadness that we make this announcement, but also with the desire for certainty that will allow us to move the team and organization forward in the most positive way possible.

"We respect Brett's decision that he could no longer remain here as a Packer. But there were certain things we were not willing to do because they were not in the best interest of the team. We were not going to release him nor trade him to a team within the division. When Brett ultimately decided that he still wanted to play football, but not in Green Bay, we told him that we would work to find the best solution for all parties involved. We wish Brett and his family well.

"We appreciate the tremendous passion shown by our fans. We, like them, always will see Brett Favre as a Green Bay Packer and our respect for him will never change. Moving forward, we are dedicated to delivering a successful 2008 season for all Packers fans."

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