Why Brett "the Jet" Favre Will Be Great in New York

Ben SharpeCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

When I woke up early this morning, I headed into the study to log on to the worldwide Web. 

As the system was booting up, I had a degree of certainty that I would soon be reading headlines such as "Brett To Make Big Bucs" or "It's Official! Favre Has Been Tampa'd With" or some other corny headline confirming that the Green Bay Packers' legendary quarterback had been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But no!

Brett Favre has signed for the New York Jets after being traded for a conditional draft pick. There had been rumors for weeks that Favre would end up in the green locker room of the Meadowlands, but something didn't just sit right.

I mean, Brett Favre, the tractor driving, alligator wrestling, squirrel shootin', country boy...in New York? Come on!

But now the trade is done and the dust on this whole brouhaha is starting to settle (please, God!). Oddly enough, the more I mull it over, the more it makes sense.

The Jets are a storied NFL franchise with a proud history and a loyal fanbase, who are a demanding and tough-loving bunch. They are coming off a not-so-good season in a division that is dominated by the New England Patriots.

But this could be a division in which Favre will flourish.

The AFC East is a very strange division. If anyone has seen the Adam Sandler movie The Wedding Singer, I liken this division to the Freaks At Table Nine (If you haven't seen the movie, just imagine a bunch of freaks...sitting at table nine).

The Pats are a monster of a team that were perfect in last years' regular season, only to lose the big one. Then you have the Miami Dolphins, a sorry bunch of fish that were one game short of being perfectly rubbish last year.

There's the nice, friendly, and not very dangerous Buffalo Bills, who went 7-9, but they don't look like they can go much better this year. Which brings us to the Jets. 4-12 last year without a quarterback. Hmmm, I see what they did there.

How does the Favre era on the East Coast of the AFC change this division?

My honest beliefs are that the Patriots will suffer a minor Super-Bowl-loss hangover. I also believe that having a bit more rivalry in the division now, thanks to a now-competitive Jets ballclub, could unsteady the Pats' ship, which has, let's face it, been on far-too-steady seas these past years.

There are other factors in New York that could help Favre settle in nicely. It's cold in winter. OK, not Green Bay cold, but still a bit nippy nonetheless. The Jets wear green. OK, not Green Bay green, but green nonetheless. And imagine the shopping the missus could do!

Joking aside, the point is that Brett and Green Bay had a messy divorce, one that was never to be reconciled. His return to the Packers would have lowered the team to the depths of the NFL (something I think Aaron Rodgers will do nicely on his own anyway, but that's another story).

There's no way he could have successfully gone back to Lambeau as a player.

New York is new for Brett. It's a fresh regime that needs a decent player under center to lead them. Brett is now that man.

Put simply, Favre needed someone to love and need him. New York will provide that. The Jets needed a QB that can lead the team and instill passion into their play. Brett Favre will provide that.

Favre and the Jets are like two elderly divorcees that settle for each other, as it could be their last chance of happiness.

A healthy Brett can lead the franchise to 10-6 this year, but more likely 8-8. If I were a Jets fan, I'd be turning hand spring at this news. Your team is back!

Broadway Brett has touched down in New York. It will be the first of many.