Sundin, Sundin, Sundin: Enough Already!

TopShelf JerseysCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

As I peruse the numerous blogs and sports pages on the internet. I am absolutely amazed at the multitude better yet the overkill of articles about Mats Sundin. It seems like every second or third article is either about him or references him.

I understand it's August, and the hype and excitement of the Draft is now a distant memory, and there has not been a great deal of action on the hockey front—but come on. Have we not heard the term "beating a dead horse"?

Really, the plot is not that interesting and can only be reworked so many times. Here is what may happen:

A.) Sundin comes back to the Leafs. Some Leaf fans cheer their intrepid leader is back, others gripe that this is going to put them out of the Tavares sweeps.

B.) He signs with another team. Leaf fans boo in general at this, but then rejoice in the fact that he has probably gone to one of 29 teams who won't win the Cup.

C.) He retires. Oh boy! Here comes another bazillion articles about when and if he will make it into the hockey Hall of Fame.

Countless people were under the impression that Sundin would have at least let it be known whether he was going to play this coming season on August 1. Guess what? It didn't happen—go figure.

Maybe we can all relax and let the big Swede come to a decision in his own time. He has said if he is going to play this season he will be in training camp from Day One. At this point that is not far off anyhow.

Now perhaps we can stop this rampant speculation, and all be a littler more creative—you know, write about something else, anything else PLEASE.

For my part, I will not write another article that deals with Mats in any way.

Unless of course he makes a big announcement tomorrow. LOL.