Which Games to Look Forward to In 2008-2009 Season?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IAugust 6, 2008

The NBA schedule is now out to the public. People say the regular season does not matter. What people do not understand is they could finish a game or 2 back from a playoff spot. 82 games is a long season and each and every player gives it all they have every night.

This year will be one of the most exciting years in the NBA. The Suns, Mavs, Spurs, Celtics, Rockets, Pistons, and Nuggets are all looking to win now rather than later. Each team has their older vital players who are getting near the end of their careers, which gives them a last shot to win a title for the first time or to get another ring to another finger.

The rest of the league has rising young stars emerging to take over the veterans.

The games that stick out to me now are:

Cleveland at Boston (October 28th) - Opening night where Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen with the rest of the Celtics finally get their banner up and they all get their well deserved rings.

LeBron James will be on the other end watching as he carried his team to a game 7 with the champs.

Opening night continues through the 29th with every team playing, but this is the kick off for a long and unexpected year. The same faces in new places will be interesting to see their impact they will have. The rookies will also try to prove a little something.

Houston at Dallas (October 30th) - Ron Artest will go against the team that did not pull the trigger on him. He will face old coach Rick Carlilse and the aging Mavericks.

For the Mavericks they need to prove that they are not on the decline. The Rockets need to live up to their expectations.

Boston at Houston (November 4th) - Maybe a preview of the NBA Finals. My personal predictions are the Rockets going to the finals, but the Celtics losing pieces like James Posey need to prove something.

Last year the Celtics ended the Rockets 22 game win streak. Tracy McGrady may want his revenge.

Lakers at Pheonix (November 20th) - The Shaq and Kobe rivalry will never get old, especially after Shaq's rap where he said Kobe cannot win a ring without him.

The Suns are looking to get to the finals too. Shaq may also have to teach Bynum that he will never fill his shoes.

Boston at Minnesota (November 21st) - KG will return to the team was loyal to throughout his career for the first time. He was injured last year and missed it.

Minnesota fans got the best of KG, but he never got him a championship. He tried his hardest, but was never given a team.

The Timberwolves are my young surprising team next season that will be on the rise. They will shock the Celtics. My early early predictions.

Miami at Phoenix (November 28th) - Shaq playing his friend Wade and his old team that he brought a title to. Shawn Marion also will try to get his revenge on his old team for letting him go.

New York at Phoenix (December 15th) - Mike D-Antoni was such a great coach for the Suns. They won so many games and he was still let go. This is his chance to get revenge in his old city where he brought life to again.

Dallas at New Jersey (December 19th) - Jason Kidd returns to New Jersey, where he took the Nets to 2 championship series. Expect him to get a standing ovation.

Kidd gave the Nets all he could, but it was time to move. With Devin Harris as their future, they may forget about Kidd.

Lakers at Memphis (December 22nd) - After the worst trade in NBA history where Pau Gasol ended up in LA for basically string and extra change, Gasol returns to Memphis.

Christmas (December 25th) New Orleans at Orlando, Celtics at Lakers, Pheonix at San Antonio, Cleveland at Wizards, and Dallas at Portand -

The only time the NBA really gets prime time. Football owns every other night but this one.

The whole day I do not think I will move from my couch. Rematch with Celts and Lakers will be fun after the Lakers blew a 24 point lead in game 4.

Suns had the Spurs in their playoff series last year but failed to close the Spurs out.

Wizards beat up LeBron last year, but he got the last laugh. With a healthy Gilbert Arenas maybe this is will be their revenge. I am defiantly going to this game.

Chicago at Miami (December 26th) - Derrick Rose versus Michael Beasley. Bulls made a mistake and will see who they passed up on.

Philadelphia at Clippers (December 31st) - Elton Brand returns to LA. He had a chance with Baron Davis to make something special, but he knew he could not win in the stacked West.

Expect him to get booed and some idiot fan will throw something at him. Like with Boozer leaving Cleveland, you cannot blame him, it is a business.

Clippers at Golden State (January 25th) - Like previous game mentioned, a key return as Baron Davis goes back to the team he brought back to life.

His relationship with Don Nelson was shaky, but he had to leave. No way they could have signed Davis with Monta Ellis and Beidrins. Warriors will make sure they make it clear that they can win without him.

Denver at Philadelphia (February 18th) - Same situation with Kidd going back to NJ. Allen Iverson goes back to the team he took to the finals. Expect him to get a standing ovation.

76ers are doing great without him but AI will make fans remember why he filled the seats up.

Suns at Miami (March 4th) - The Big Cactus, Shaq, returns to South Beach. He promised them a title and was a man of his word.

Rockets at Phoenix (April 1st) - Yao vs Shaq is always fun.

Season finale is April 15th. The Playoffs kick off after this. Might be the last day a team can make a push from a 9th seed to the last spot in the playoffs.

Every game every night is exciting in the NBA, which is why every one should watch every game. These games stick out to me as the special ones.

Looking forward to another great season in the NBA.