Winnipeg Blue Bombers Need Win to Keep Season Alive

Matt EichelSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2008

Only one win.

And now you're playing one of your divisional rivals.

Les Alouettes de Montreal.

Big game.

Biggest game of the year?

So far, yes.

Enough is enough.  The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have the potential to be a Grey Cup winning team.  They showed that potential last season, even without Kevin Glenn at the helm for the final Grey Cup game.

This season, however, the team seems like a large, powerful whale that jumped a little too far out of the water and got beached.  A sputtering offense with glimpses of potential combined with some atrocious defense at times, and the Blue Bombers are in the hole.

And they're in the hole with the cellar dwellers from Hamilton—the Tiger-Cats.  You know you're doing badly when you're within the vicinity of that team.

A win please!

Bomber players are pleading with fans to stick with them in this troubling time.  This morning on Winnipeg's CJOB 680 radio station, a very vocal spokesman for the players, Dan Goodspeed, showed his deepest hope that the fans can stick around and support the Bombers so that they can turn things around.

Ryan Dinwiddie is back at the helm and only 1-1 this season.  If he were the starter and those two games were the only two of the season, we'd be in an alright spot.  To take a glimpse at the situation through these glasses makes the Bombers' predicament less desperate and pitiful.

Dinwiddie is the man.  He has shown his potential, now he has to deliver on a weekly basis and become a bona fide CFL quarterback.

And what about Charles Roberts?  Where has he disappeared to?

With apparent injuries to all-star Milt Stegall and Arjei Franklin, Dinwiddie may be looking to Romby Bryant and Derick Armstrong this weekend.

Cross your fingers!  Les Alouettes are coming to town, baby!