WWE-TNA News, Sept. 2, 2010

Anthony BonnetCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

WWE-TNA News, Sept. 2, 2010

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    NXT Season Three Pros and Rookies announced.

    If you watched WWE NXT Tuesday, you will have noticed that throughout the show the NXT pros and rookies were announced.

    Just about all of them are pretty, but the main reason we watch wrestling is to see wrestling, so hopefully WWE gives us good, quality match times for these NXT contestants to judge who can actually wrestle.

    Pro Rookie
    Primo AJ Lee
    Goldust Aksana
    Vickie Guerrero Aloisia
    Bella Twins Jamie Keyes
    Alicia Fox Maxine
    Kelly Kelly Naomi Night

Reason for NXT Season 3 Being All Females

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    Everyone is getting mad and rude because of Serena's release, but yet no one gets why she was released. 

    Maybe if you just waited for the news, you'd understand.

    The Divas, many of them, acted up on the recent tour of California, and WWE wanted to show that they will fire anyone who is involved in wrongdoings. 

    The reason there is a NXT season 3 contest featuring all girls is because of this...and we may very well see some of the current WWE divas being released sometime in the near future if any of these girls pan out to do well.

    Also, WWE wants NXT to continue, and the only way for that to continue is is for Syfy to resign their contract, or another channel to pick them up-- Of course, that will only happen if NXT receives better ratings with the season three of NXT.

D'Angelo Dinero Tweets a Former WWE Wrestler's Phrase

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    Dixie Carter, president of TNA, tweeted about signing a new wrestler to the roster.

    Dinero then followed up shortly after with a tweet saying, "Just heard the news. Now THAT....That's Cool!" 

    He says that it was purely coincidental and he didn't know who was signed. 

    Was he told my management to tweet that because they didn't want anyone to speculate it was Carlito even though it is?

    Time will tell... And if Carlito is with TNA now, it'll make iMPACT! that much more interesting!

    And for the record, his 90-day no compete clause with the WWE just ended. 

WWE Merging Titles - More On The Way?

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    The WWE has merged the World Tag Titles a while back. 

    At Night of Champions, they're merging the Women's titles. 

    At Wrestlemania, there's talk that they might merge the two major titles in WWE.

    The only good think I could see come out of all of this, is that they will be bringing back a new title or two, and the competition will be on both shows more often.

    Of course, that would probably mean the end of the WWE Draft.

    The two titles I would personally like to see come back are the Cruiserweight Title and the European title.

    With Kaval winning NXT Season 2, that gives the possibility of the Cruiser title returning. Kaval, Mysterio, Bourne, and many other smaller wrestlers in the WWE could contend for the title.

    Hopefully, it somehow also means that title reigns will start to last longer.

    WWE is revamping a lot of things within, and it seems that they are TRYING to improve. Lets hope that they can do so.

TNA Locker Room & EV 2.0

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    Everyone's been blowing up the whole TNA/EV2.0 backstage situation.

    Apparently, only some of the TNA wrestlers are disgruntled with the decision to push them and to pay these guys who are "washed up."

    Maybe it's to make TNA look bad? Because that's what seems everyone is trying to do currently.

    Let's just hope after EV2.0 leaves TNA that TNA does continue with what they've been doing, making better iMPACT! shows than in the past....

    At least in my opinion, anyways.