Hate In College Football

Jennifer MercerCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

The inspiration for this article came after reading about “hate” in college football from ESPN’s site.  However, instead of ranking these schools individually I grouped them into tiers.  The 1st tier is the teams bearing my most intense hate and the 2nd tier of hate is closely follows.  Then I’ll finish breaking down the Big 12 in other categories which don’t necessarily fall into the hate classification.


1st Tier of Hate: Colorado, Kansas Stateand Missouri.


Colorado: This team has the nickname sCUm for a reason-after all, you can't spell scum without CU.  These "people" are the kind of self-righteous, ignorant, fans which makes me want to puke.  Their stadium holds about 50K and the only time they sell out that junior college sink-hole is once every other year when Nebraska comes to town.  And the collective attitudes; the fans, coaches and players-all they care about is beating Nebraska-which is truly pathetic.  In a 12 game regular season these classless imbeciles could go 1-11, with their only win coming against the Huskers, and they would consider that a "successful" season.  When Nebraska fans travel to Folsom Prison, I mean Folsom Field, often times our cars, trucks and RV’s are vandalized-utterly classless.  And I'm not even going to mention the issues surrounding this program with regards to recruiting and/or general law breaking because the instances are far too numerous to mention.  Suffice it to say if all the instances from the past seven years were compiled into a book it would be larger and heavier than a NYC phone book.  Then there's the annual 4/20 smoke out ritual...stupid smelly hippies.


Kansas State: These limp-wristed, weak, purple fairies make the 1st tier because of their fans.  The Mildcats had some solid teams under former coach Bill Snyder.  However, for all their "success" in his sixteen year stint as head coach these grade A disposable douche-bags have one conference title...that's right...one.  But if you listen to the KSUcks fans their team has won more conference and national titles than anyone else combined.  As bad as Nebraska was last year the Husker still smashed the kitties by 42 points.  Making it even worse is the stadium they play in-which is even smaller than sCUm's.  Add into this mix their QB…whose mouth and ego are bigger, way bigger, than his talent level and you get a team that is on the verge of getting smacked back into doormat status, aka, their proper place in life.


Missouri: Their QB picks his nose and then eats his boogers…GROSS!  Like sCUm, when Nebraska fans travel to Columbia we are regularly insulted by a bunch of fifth grade educated hillbillies who have collectively three teeth and are so full of liquid-courage it makes you want to reestablish Prohibition, encourage abortion and wonder if God really does have a sick and twisted sense of humor.  I could handle Missery’s success if they didn’t act like last year was the way it’s always been.  To hear these asinine bottom-feeders talk you’d think; a)  the rest of the Big 12, and nation, is struggling just to catch up to the Tiggers, b) Chase Daniel is the second coming of Joe Montana and c) an undefeated conference and national title is coming this year.  Yeah…keep holding your breaths Mizzlosers.  For once in the past 10 years Nebraska finally has not only a competent, but exceptional defensive coordinator as the head coach.


2nd Tier of Hate: Kansasand Texas.


Kansas: Mark Mangino may look like Jabba The Hutt’s brother, he may eat small children for snacks, he may even drink gravy the way normal people drink water, but he is one heck of a good football coach.  What irks me is to way some KU fans conduct themselves.  I guess after you’ve been a loser in football for so long that once you start winning you have no idea on how to handle yourself.  While this explanation is plausible for Kansas State it isn’t for Kansas.  See the Jayhawks have this basketball team that’s pretty damn good and one would think they could handle success in a sport other than round ball but that’s not the case.  Maybe winning with class and dignity will come in time-they have a much better chance at it than their in-state purple rivals.


Texas: Okay so they won a national championship in 2005...whoopty freaking do.  Despite being the flagship university in such a talent rich state and signing numerous 4 and 5 star prospects during Mack Brown's tenure, no team has done less, or under-achieved more, than the 'Whorns.  These are the people who; a) pushed the Big 12 on us, b) took away our annual rivalry with Oklahoma and c) bought the votes of just about every other school to side with them on just about every issue.  For example, it was Texas that proposed, pushed for and eventually brought about a conference championship game.  More recently, Texas has tried to get the conference title game moved permanently to the state of Texas.  And now we come to the really important reason why I hate Texas-they always find a way to beat Nebraska.  I could stomach the losses if Texas was just flat out better.  I could handle the defeats if they out-played Nebraska for all four quarters.  But that's rarely been the case; to wit, 1999, Correll Buckhalter after breaking off what appears to be a TD run fumbles the ball at the two or three yard line, Texas recovers and goes on to win the game.  There have been so many times Nebraska should've beaten Texas and for one reason or another; bad coaching decisions-former DC Craig Bohl's decision not to blitz the 'Whorns on a 4th and 19, the wrong-sided blitz last year, bad player decisions-Terrence Nunn and Jammal Lord comes to mind-it's so incredibly frustrating.  It just seems that all the quirky little bounces always seems to go the ‘Whorns way-horns down.


1st Tier of Apathy: Oklahoma State, TexasA&M and Texas Tech.


Oklahoma State: The problem with the Cowboys is you never really know which team will show up.  When they are focused they can play football with anyone and when they’re not well, they end up losing to teams like Troy and Houston.  The Cowboys are at best an also ran in the Big 12 south.  The folks in Stillwater have achieved mid-level success but that’s as far as the train goes.  Top tier talent will never go to OSU when they have Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma to choose from. 


TexasA&M: This team under achieves more than their in-state rival the Texass Shortwhorns.  The weirdest part about the Aggies is that for the tremendous fan support, facilities and general football crazy state that Texas is, you would think they’d put a better product on the field.  And by that I mean a more consistent winning team.  And trust me, as a Nebraska fan, I learned first hand about mediocrity and under achieving-especially the past four years.  Maybe your new coach Mike Sherman will get you guys to that next level.  However, if I was a betting kind of gal I’d say don’t place any money on it because you’re bound to lose.  Very few coaches come from the NFL and achieve great success.  For every Pete Carroll of the University of Spoiled Children, USC, there are many failures; Bill Callahan, Charlie “Fat Ass” Weiss, Dave Wannstedt-or however his name is spelled, Bill Walsh, etc.  Bottom line Aggie fans the chances are you’ve just hired another version of Bill Callahan.


Texas Tech: This is a team which will never seriously compete for the Big 12 title until they start running the football consistently and effectively.  Sure they went 9-4 last year throwing the ball 90 times a game but they ranked dead last, 119th, in rushing the football and not coincidentally finished 4-4 in the Big 12.  Head coach Mike Leach is doing an okay job in Lubbock but to all Red Raider fans: If you guys want to win the Big 12, you have to; a) run the football and b) stop the run.  Put it this way, as long as TTU finishes 40th or lower in rushing offense they’ll never win the Big 12 title and they certainly won’t ever even come close to winning a national title.  To prove my point look at Hawaii last year, they went 12-0 due to an incredibly soft schedule but when they played Georgia in the Sugar Bowl they couldn’t run and the Bulldogs absolutely smashed the Warrior’s passing attack.


2nd Tier of Apathy: Iowa State.


Iowa State: Their head coach, Gene Chizik has an incredibly hard and steep uphill climb to get the Cyclones back to winning even at a level matching former head coach Dan McCarney.  The ‘Clones are just east of the rock and west of the hard place.  They get the crumbs of recruiting leftovers from every team in the Big 12 and Big 10+1 and to put the cherry on top of this pooh sundae they’re in a crappy location, Ames, Iowa-which is just above Manhattan, Kansas as one of the worst places on the planet.  Oh sure they can be “competitive” for a while, sure they may scare, or possibly even knock off a top team once in a blue moon but that’ll be it.  


Who Cares: Baylor.


Baylor: Honestly I don’t care enough about these guys to even write a decent slam.


Which brings me to the final team in the Big 12-and I purposefully saved these guys for last; Oklahoma.


Oklahoma: Much respect to the Sooner nation.  Bob Stoops can be, at times, a real jackass but he’s a fantastic football coach, recent bowl game losses aside, and is generally an all-around good guy.  The Sooners are the only team in the Big 12, and from the old Big 8, that I respect.  The Sooner fans mostly treat visiting Nebraskafans with courtesy, dignity and respect-the recent ugliness with Bill Callahan and his infamous f’ing hillbillies reference notwithstanding.  The games between Nebraska and Oklahoma are always intense, hard-hitting and most importantly played cleanly between two teams which share a mutual respect for each other.  The NU-OU rivalry has taken a beating since the formation of the Big 12, but it’s still there, simmering on the back burner.  Now, with the hiring of Bo Pelini at Nebraska look for a renewed intensity from this rivalry-especially since both Stoops and Pelini are from Youngstown, Ohio and have known each other practically their whole lives.


In summary friends, Colorado, Kansas State and Missouri are far and away the most hated teams in the Big 12 followed closely by Kansas and Texas.   The other teams really haven’t done much recently to warrant a spot on the hate list but with the fluidity of this list things can change from year to year so stay tuned. 


Bottom line, this has been one of the most painful and longest off-seasons this Husker Fanatic can ever remember.  The previous coaching staff is gone, along with their absurd and mind-numbing incompetence-good riddance to bad rubbish.