Why Notre Dame Fans Should Have High Hopes for the Irish in 2008

IRISHsubway FANCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Let me start by saying this article is completely biased.  It is based on a lot of hearsay, theories, and hope.  It is not completely researched, and it's 100 percent "Homer."

But I see good things in 2008 for the Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame.

Let me explain.  The top 25 polls are out, and I base a lot of what I'm saying on them.  Also, with the exception of upperclassmen leadership, ND is full of talent at most key positions.  Even haters will agree with that.  Jimmy Pickles and company just better not upset me.

But numbers 20-25 in the polls are Oregon, South Florida, Penn State, Wake Forest, Michigan (sucks!), and Fresno State.  On the 13th of September, Michigan, after two easy games, plays ND.

Now, I have addressed in both comments and articles that I believe Michigan is going to have a pretty bad year, so I won't beat a dead horse, but by beating them we will be ranked.  The Nittany Lions are not going to go undefeated.  They still have to play Ohio State, so we will leapfrog them sooner or later.

I do not believe MSU will be ranked when we play them.  Nevertheless, a difficult win over the Spartans—based on the fact that we don't lose in East Lansing, just like they don't lose in South Bend—will help us climb the charts again.

No. 18 Tennessee plays an extremely difficult schedule against the likes of No. 1 Georgia, No. 5 Florida, and No. 11 Auburn.  This does not help the Vols' cause as we pass them and sneak our way into the top 15.

Moving on, I have a firm belief—with which many agree—that the SEC is a powerhouse of a conference.  Four of the top 11 teams are in it, which gives me the idea that while they are beating the crap out of each other, Notre Dame could sneak up further.

Add to that the fact that I think Pitt will be ranked by the time we play them on the first of November.  RB LeSean McCoy and that defense are too good to have lost more than once at that point in the season.

Still a pretty decent theory, right?  The Kool-Aid tastes a little better now, doesn't it?

We have arguably a cream puff schedule, starting out with SDSU and playing teams like Syracuse, Stanford, Navy (it won't happen again), and UNC.

Undefeated isn't exactly impossible.  Geez, it's borderline probable.

I won't sit here and say who we have.  I have done that a thousand times.  I won't discuss Jon Tenuta and what he has brought to the table many times before with less talent.

I will say that on paper, we look good.  Real good.  Better than everyone on our schedule (I'll get to them in a second).

So why not?  Why not 11-0?  I am tired of the same argument with fans who continuously bring up last season.  Optimism is what makes ND fans great.  Standing "Shoulder to shoulder, chanting her golden name."

This will be my last preseason post on this website, and chances are I will need a shoehorn to get my foot out of my mouth.  But I needed to get it out there.

I think the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish are going to do very well this year, while teams that are better knock themselves lower on the charts.

And then we play USC.