Cesc Fabregas, Gareth Barry or Michael Essien Who is the Best ?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the original "Best Player" article about Ronaldo, Kaka and Messi and it got really good feed back and great opinions were made.

After the success of the last one I have decided to make a new best player.

The second instalment brings Fabregas of Arsenal, Barry soon to be a Liverpool player and Essien of Chelsea together and fighting for the right to see who's better.

My knoledge will come from the past couple of seasons and beyond, the future speculation is only a guess. So here we go!


Cesc Fabregas. For me he is Mr Arsenal and is one day going to be captain of the club, he shows great attitude towards not only Arsenal but the game itself. He scores goals and makes brilliant assists and is one of the best play makers in the world.

His great vision helps Arsenal to at least fourth every season and he had a great Euro campaign with Spain. He is only 20/21 so he has got a long time before he even reaches his peak. Once he scores more goals for Arsenal he will be the complete package.

Gareth Barry. Well it looks very likely that Barry is going to Liverpool and boy will they be getting a good player. He has been at Aston Villa for years and has shown great loyalty in staying at the club for this long.

Again he is a good playmaker and shows great strength and ball control and can make a great pass. He has had good success with the England squad and has shown he can cut it with the best.

With Liverpool being a Champions League club he can finally show his talent off week in week out. The only problem I can see is that Liverpool has a lot of great players so there is a question if he will fit in, we will see?

Michael Essien. For me he is the black sheep of Chelsea and is a responsible, reliable player who should be better acknowledged. He is a great player who can score some great goals even when Chelsea are having a bad day.

At times he can change the course of a game and really be yet again a great play maker. He is a player that likes to attack on the break and supply Drogba with some great assists. He seems to be at the right place in his career and still has more to give.

Like Fabregas if he scored more goals he would be indispensable as a Chelsea player.


Well my opinion without being too biased is that Fabregas is the greater player. Simply his performances for Spain in the Euros and at Arsenal over the past three seasons have shown me he will be a great player one day. He is already a big player and if he improves even more then arsenal will have another Henry, Wright etc. to idol.

Come on guys and girls lets here your opinion on the subject who is the best in your opinion?