MMA: Top 20 Fights I Wanted To See In PRIDE FC

Mike BarrazaCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Hello fellow PRIDE fans. Here is a little list of fights that I wish took place inside the glorious white ring that was PRIDE Fighting Championships. In no order they are:

1. Rickson Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Of course this has to be on here. This was a fight that many people thought would happen after Saku defeated Royler, Renzo, Ryan, and Royce. If only it happened when they were in their prime..

2. Fedor Emelianenko vs Josh Barnett

I'm still waiting for this one but it would've been much sweeter in PRIDE.

3. Wanderlei Silva vs Igor Vovchanchyn

This fight was supposed to happen at PRIDE's last show and I almost cried when I heard about it, but it didn't happen and I did cry..jk.

4. Sergei Kharitonov vs Mirko Cro Cop

Two great Heavyweight strikers. Why didn't this fight happen?

5. Aleksander Emelianenko vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Would Fedor's little brother have had the same success against Big Nog as he did?

6. Fedor Emelianenko vs Sergei Kharitonov

Out of all the Heavyweights in PRIDE that Fedor DIDN'T beat, Kharitonov was the one I wanted to see him fight the most.

7. Hayato Sakurai vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Two exciting heavy hitters going at it.

8. Dan Henderson vs Denis Kang

A fight between two well rounded middleweights.

9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Wanderlei Silva

I'm aware that Wandy is a Light Heavy, but he said himself that he wanted to fight Big Nog and he fought at Heavyweight during the Open Weight GP in 2006.

10. Takanori Gomi vs Shinya Aoki

Could the FIreball Kid get past the Tobikan Judan?

11. Fedor Emelianenko vs Igor Vovchanchyn

These two Ukranians could have easily been set up to fight during the time when Fedor was still new to PRIDE and Igor was already an established Heavyweight. Dream fight..

12. Sergei Kharitonov vs Josh Barnett

Another great Heavyweight fight.

13. Wanderlei Silva vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

These two almost fought in the Middleweight GP in 2005 but Wanderlei lost to Ricardo Arona in the finals.

14. Paulo Filho vs Denis Kang

Another fight that almost happened in a tournament but this time an injury prevented it from taking place.

15. Kazushi Sakuraba vs Dan Henderson

Two great fighters used to taking on bigger, stronger opponents.

16. Dan Henderson vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Would Hendo have knocked out Shogun like he did to Wanderlei?

17. Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama II

Haha jk but I'm sure it would've been just as exciting as the first slugfest.

18. Fedor Emelianenko vs Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva-PRIDE Middleweight GP winner 2003, reigning Middleweight Champion vs. Fedor Emelianenko-PRIDE Heavyweight GP winner 2004, reigning Heavyweight Champion. Wow...

19. Dan Henderson vs Paulo Filho

Two of the best Middleweights then and now going at it.

20. Fedor Emelianenko vs Aleksander Emelianenko

The Emelianenko brothers fighting each other. This fight sells itself but unfortunately it may never happen because in a recent interview Aleks said that he and his brother would never fight. Maybe a couple of million bucks would change their minds.

There's my list of dream fights, and there was another one before this one that I think was better but it's lost in cyberspace now.


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