The Fake Sound Of Progress!

Niall HorsmanCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

English cricket seems to be heading for a very rough couple of years. All the time we hear Coach Peter Moores and the rest of the England team say that they are a young team making progress.  But how long will it take for them to change from a young progressive team to a matured successful team?

This England team as a whole has been together since 2006, now with the only major change being the coach change in the spring of last year. 

So, what has Peter Moores actually done for us so far?

Well really he's not done a lot.  He was unable to form the partnership with Micheal Vaughan like the one in which Vaughan and former coach Duncan Fletcher had such  success, and now with Kevin Pietersen being appointed new captain I can't see there being much change in the relationship between captain and coach as Moores' and KP's indifferent history is well known to many.

On a better note, Moores has brought in a very good coaching squad, with Andy Flower being a brilliant appointment as batting coach because of his knowledge in the game and his willingness to tell things how they are. Otis Gibson is also a good appointment as bowling coach, as he has a great amount of experience as a player behind him, and as a player who had a technically perfect bowling action.

Moores' short term as England coach has also been rigged with controversy and strange selections.

The decision to drop two bowlers after an extremely poor batting performance, and then the major cock up in the selection of Darren Pattinson at Headingley this summer.  Put that together with the many England players whom he appears to have somewhat touchy relations with, and that controversial run out of Grant Elliot, as well as series defeats against India, Sri Lanka, and now South Africa in the Test Matches, and two losses against New Zealand, and a loss against the West Indies in the one day arena, its not been a good first 12 months in the job for Peter Moores.

I'm beginning to wonder whether under Moores the England team will ever make progress, or whether for the next few years we'll just be hearing the sounds of progress, but not seeing it in the performances.