Tim Tebow Condition: Symptoms, Constant Hating On Tebow

April WallContributor IIIAugust 31, 2010

Tim Tebow
Tim TebowJustin Edmonds /Getty Images

I would like to take the opportunity to set the record straight about Tim Tebow.  He isn't a god.  He isn't an angel.  He isn't even the savior of all things football.  But what he is, however, is one of the most genuine, passionate football players of this generation, perhaps of all time, and I believe that is what is drawing so many fans and foes alike to this rookie quarterback.

The loudest of all Tebow commentators seem to be the haters.  So many people are taking time out of their busy lives to openly mock him for his religious beliefs, bring up his crying episode at the end of the Florida vs. Alabama game and ridicule his professed virginity.  My question is about this is — why? 

Usually when a gnat is bothering me, an insignificant tiny insect of no real consequence in my life, I shoo it away and make no mention of it to my friends on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.  I don't wake up and shout from the rooftop, "I hate this gnat and I want it dead!  Also, I think its religious views are stupid!  Gnats aren't supposed to be religious!" 

I don't take to my keyboard and blog about how inept and unqualified and overhyped this gnat is.  And you wanna know why that is?  Because I truly could care less about the gnat (sorry PETA).

We've all heard the squeaky wheel gets the grease and me thinks thou dost protest too much and there's some truth to that in this case.  What is it about this young 23-year-old rookie quarterback from Florida that gets under people's skin?  Would we rather be sitting around talking about how many bar fights he's gotten into, how many women he's bedded or what the latest petty crime he's committed is?  Shouldn't we at least rejoice in the fact that there is a player out there that seems genuinely interested in the game, that's not there for all the bling and fringe benefits and just wants to play the damn game? 

I say what we have here is a clear case of Tebow envy.  Could it be that those that bash him the hardest, secretly want to be him the most?  Is it possible that all those Monday morning quarterbacks sitting around trashing Tebow on their blogs could inwardly be longing for his fame, his success, even his unflinching faith in Jesus Christ?  Nah, can't be that.  Has to be the fact that this young guy is just so irritating he deserves all the fury and ire we can throw at him.

My take is this:  Who cares if you like Tim Tebow personally?  Who cares if you root for the Denver Broncos?  But if you call yourself a fan of football shouldn't you at least give this guy a shot at proving himself on the field before you persecute him for his personal life off the field?  I say yes, but maybe that's because I don't suffer from Tebow envy.