My Angry Letter To Vince McMahon

Chris PolsonContributor IAugust 31, 2010

Note:  I'm not actually sending this letter to Vince as he wouldn't ever receive it, nor would he actually read it.  But after watching the 900th episode of RAW last night I needed to get some things off my chest.  So, while Vince may not read it, the B/R peeps will, and they are free to agree or disagree without persecution, unlike working for Vince.  It's a little wordy, so if you're looking for a quick article, this isn't the place.


Dear Mr. McMahon,

I have been a wrestling fan, more specifically a WWE fan, since I was 8 years old in 1989.  I have been with you guys through the good, bad, and ugly.

Steroid scandals, Monday Night Wars, Benoit Murder-Suicide, WWE PG, Katie Vick, etc.  You name it; I've stood by you no matter what.  That was mostly because when the cameras were on and your programming was on TV, you more often than not put on great wrestling show after great wrestling show.

So when the 900th episode of RAW came around, naturally I was excited. Now, I know you don't like the IWC, mostly because they sometimes give away information before it airs on TV.  But when I was reading some of my usually reliable sources, they told me there were multiple surprises planned which should make the show even more outstanding.

I never saw these surprises.

In fact, what I saw was the same thing I've seen for the past few months, below-average quality matches mixed in with mildly entertaining (at best) humor segments. A lot of people may have loved the show, but they're ones who probably haven't been watching for very long and haven't seen the best that this organization can bring.  The 900th episode of your "flagship" show deserved much better.  And so did the fans.

Do you expect anyone under the age of 10 to believe that Bret Hart was actually going to wrestle the Undertaker?  We all know about Bret's stroke. We know he can't take any kind of shot to the head.  Don't waste our time by setting up this segment when you can have quality matches instead.

If you want to have Nexus attack Undertaker and look strong that's fine.  I'm fine with the fact that Hart, Undertaker, and Kane were all on the show since they are a huge part of the legacy of the show and the company.  I'm also glad to see that Mark Henry was given a chance to be on the show since he's been with the company for more consecutive years than anyone other than Undertaker and Triple H.

What I'm not fine with is having Alberto Del Rio honking the horn of his car and distracting from what could've been a great match between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne.  If you want to have Del Rio on the show, have him give an interview backstage bragging about what he did to Rey Mysterio. Instead we have to try and watch a split-screen of a great match with Del Rio walking down the ramp.

Why make a match to decide number one contenders for the tag titles and then have it end in less than two minutes in a double DQ?  Things like this have been all too common the past year and then some.

I do like the fact that you want to continue to push Nexus.  Having Nexus win the match is fine.  The start and end of the match was ridiculous however.  Having Jericho and Edge walk out would've been much more believable at Summerslam than it was for this match.  Make Nexus look stronger by having them actually defeat all five of these guys.

And are we supposed to believe that Randy Orton, the top guy in most people's eyes, is going to be defeated by Wade Barrett's weak finisher and nothing else?  Orton didn't get into the match until the very end and had nothing done to him other than being knocked off the apron.  Last time I checked, Barrett's finisher isn't Sweet Chin Music. My grandmother could kick out of that move.

I read on the Internet, whether its true or not, that you're planning on ending the Nexus storyline in October.  If that's the case, then why even have them win this match? Have the RAW guys dominate Nexus and slowly disband the group.  If you're not going to disband the group, then why wasn't this the outcome of Summerslam and not RAW?

My last argument has to do with the previously mentioned lack of surprises. Bret Hart and the Undertaker don't count.  Neither does playing Stone Cold's music.  Neither does having Big Show do an imitation of Hulk Hogan.  In fact, most of the flashbacks we saw before and after commercials were from the past 5 years.  There wasn't anything else interesting besides Stone Cold beer baths and "This is Your Life?"

And where were the legends and Hall of Famers?  The Rock made a video appearance on Smackdown's anniversary last year.  He couldn't do one? Stone Cold couldn't make an appearance?  Shawn Michaels has been posting all sorts of things on youtube lately, you couldn't have him send in a message?  

Where was Jim Ross?  He deserved better than a quick mention or two from Lawler and Cole.  Even Triple H could've sent a video message thanking everyone for watching over the years.  No, it wouldn't ruin his 95th comeback from injury if that's what you're thinking.

So these are my complaints with the show.  It may seem like a lot for just one show, but its more than that.  Its an example of what's been wrong with the company for the past year or two now.  A lot of people will blame the PG thing, but other than less crotch chops, less middle fingers, and less blood, the product is still the same.  It's the quality that's the problem.

There shouldn't be title matches on major PPV's and TV shows ending in count-outs and DQs every other week.  Once in a while is okay, but when you do it so often it cheapens the matches.  It also cheapens the titles when you have guys either holding onto the title for a month or two, or you have them constantly retaining due to DQs. Having a respectable champion legitimately retaining the title for many months will help bring prestige back to these once sacred belts.

In closing I have this to say.  The WWE has been a pastime for me and brought me many years of enjoyment.  But its a luxury.  It's entertainment.  

It's not something like family, friends, or a career.  I don't have to have it in order to keep breathing. You and your writers need to come up with better quality programming on a consistent basis or I'm walking away.  That's something I never thought I would say after 21 years of watching.

You don't have to bring back the "Golden Age" or the "Attitude Era", just put on quality wrestling mixed in with good storylines and believable characters who can bring action and humor.

As far as I'm concerned, you need to make up a lot when the 1000th episode comes around in a couple of years.  Because of my loyalty and the ability I know the company has in putting on great entertainment, I'm going to keep watching RAW on a "probation" basis for the next two years.

I haven't missed an episode since its inception.  But if I haven't seen significant improvement, when episode 1001 airs in 2012, I'll be watching something else.  My guess is I won't be the only one to do the same.


A loyal, but angry fan