Raw 900: What's The Point Of Wrestling Anymore?

Justin JohnstonContributor IAugust 31, 2010

The 900th episode of Raw for the most part left a sour taste in my mouth. What is the point of having matches anymore when for the most part they last less that 5 minutes, the announcers aren't focused on the match and half the roster doesn't seem to be able to compete for more than 5 minutes. Last nights episodes started off good and than it just seemed like an episode of Impact, a train wreck happening with so much being thrown at the viewer and no clean finishes.

The opening segment was a fitting way to open Raw as vetreans like Bret Hart, Kane and Undertaker lead the way perfectly. A match between Bret and Taker is not necessary, its not Survivor Series 1990 or Summerslam 1997 its the year 2010 and neither is the wrestler they once were. The Michael Cole Mystery GM email is now stale in my mind and Creative should start being creative and give us a person behind it or just get rid of the GM concept. On a side note what has Bret's return done for his legacy?

The triple threat tag team match was good for what it was but could have had the potential to be really good. This was a good incorporation of multiple storylines but there was a letdown of not announcing Danielson and Miz for the ppv. Can we for once push a ppv?

As usual diva matches are meaningless. Eve doesn't get into the match but at least we will only have one title.

The Nexus have a segment which builds for later on. Chris Jericho than states if he doesn't win at NOC he's gone. Looks like Jericho wants to move on from wrestling for this time and will be a major hit to WWE quality and for me takes away the one performer worth watching.

Next up is a number one contender match for the tag titles, could there actually be a focus on tag team wrestling again??? No. Shortly after the bell rings the match is thrown out. What a waste. Hart Dynasty do nothing for the next 3 months as well it seems.

The Bret and Taker "match" is next and for what it was seemed decent. Everyone knew there wasn't going to be a match between these two and it showed. To me it didn't help the Nexus either. They weren't effective 5 on 1 to a 45 year old wrestler until Kane's "powers" assisted them. They "took out" the Undertaker, the man who is spectacular, and to me it fell flat, this should be a crowning achievement for the group but it just seemed to be there.

After commercial, we have a 2009 re-run of Raw. Oh wait its new but just seems Bourne is the only wrestler Swagger faces on Raw. As soon as the match gets started the focus just turns to Alberto del Rio. Bourne taps out, oh how Jericho must feel about the push Evan has received after putting him over earlier this summer. This segment continues the push for Alberto until Mark Henry comes out. Ho hum.

By the way, the atomsphere in China looked amazing, when was the last time WWE got that over in the US.....

CM Punk. The guy is gold, why is he stuck jobbing in mid card status. This was my favourite segment of the night. The flashbacks were good, although HHH/Orton was a repeat of Pillman/Austin, Beer truck segment #2 and Cena/Edge was repeat of Angle/Austin in a way. I found it funny Punk saying he would never throw anyone into a body of water even though didn't Chavo end up in the Gulf of Mexico at the hands of Punk. Oh how WWE values the memories of its viewers. Big Show was funny here as well, but this feud needs to end.

The Raw flashbacks were a nice touch but why were there so many from the last year? The good moments happened pre 2001.

Edge has a good promo with Sheamus but thats no surprise. The tag match was what it was. Jericho and Edge continue to be booked poorly. Wow Cena and Orton get pinned. Shocking. isn't it strange how this huge celebration of 900 episodes and Cena and Orton, the two "biggest faces in WWE" do not make an appearance to the end and neither has mic time. Strange booking. Barrett looks strong going into NOC.

So there was the huge Raw. Fell flat. With Smackdown and NXT in the house, why wasn't it 3 hours? The USA Network likes the specials. There was Hall of Famers in the back, as announced by the internet community, but no appearances from anyone. What a shame. This night could have been so much better. Where is the Wrestling?