Green Bay, Now a Dead Bay.

james lawrenceCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

 The Green Bay Packers really screwed the pooch on this one.

 The Packer's fan base has been the work of Brett Favre, and a few impact players here and there.

 How can a franchise tell the man who ran the show and amazing at that, "we moved on."

 The Detroit Lions would not have told Barry Sanders, we moved on after he retired. They actually might take him now if he came out of retirement.

 Arron Rodgers is going to be a draft bust, he is a waste of time and money. Rodgers can never be what Favre is. I would put my money down that Rodgers either gets hurt or has a Tommy Maddox (not '04) type of season.

 Green Bay is so bent that Rodgers is the new face of the Packers.

 But what happens when Rodgers dosn't do well?

    I will tell you Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson will be working at McDonalds wondering why they were so air headed and let a first ballot hall of famer go.

 I cannot wait to see the looks on the Green Bay executives when Rodgers crashes and burns, and they have to sit there as the fans march out of Lambeau Field and move to Tampa Bay.

 As a Green Bay fan I am so incredibly disgusted with the whole situation that it hurts. In some ways it makes me wish I had a terminal illness so I could have my wish granted for Brett Favre to play for Green Bay again.

 Green Bay enjoy your 6- 10 season.

 As for me i'm rooting for the Cleveland Browns. Destroy the Steelers!!!