Ochocinco's Cereal and the 25 Funniest Sports Star Foods

Brad GoldbachCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2010

Ochocinco's Cereal and the 25 Funniest Sports Star Foods

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    Athletes are meant to do one thing: play sports.

    So, when they branch out into other ventures, such as their own food product endorsements, things don't always go over so smoothly.

    Usually, they are good for a laugh. But sometimes, you really have to wonder what these guys were thinking.

    Here is a look at 25 of the funniest sports star foods.

25. The Chipper Bar

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    With talk about Chipper Jones' possible retirement after this season, it only seems fair to go back in time to his early days.

    Well, this candy bar is about all you need.

    Chipper looks like a 12-year-old kid in this one. It's kind of hard to imagine that far back.

24. Kurt Warner Crunch Time

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    Kurt Warner certainly delivered in crunch time, but this cereal? Not so much.

    Aside from the atrociously annoying background, it's hard to tell what jersey Warner is supposed to be wearing.

    Looks like a mix between the Steelers and those ugly Jets throwbacks.

23. Buckeye Heroes

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    It's hard to make fun of a team that made two recent BCS National Championships, but that is the life of the Ohio State Buckeyes after their losses to Florida and LSU in the title game.

    Makes you wonder if the cereal was made before or after those games.

22. Melo Bar

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    I'm sure you always wondered if Carmelo was named after the Caramello candy bar.

    Whether he was or not, he has one of his own: "The Melo."

21. Mike Mussina Moose Candy Bar

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    Mike Mussina has always been a great but very underrated pitcher, so I was a little surprised that he had a candy bar with his likeness on it.

    When I think of Mussina, though, I think of steady and not flashy.

    This candy bar isn't any of that. It's just downright goofy.

20. Pete Rose Supercharg'r

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    I'm not sure why they couldn't fit the "e" in the name of the candy bar, but it's kind of ironic to see Pete Rose's face on a candy bar with all of the controversy he has been involved in over the years.

    Also, gotta love the haircut. Never gets old.

19. Earl Campbell's Smoked Sausage

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    If you don't get a kick out of seeing Campbell dressed up like a cowboy on a pack of sausages, then maybe this line from the ad will get you:

    "Twenty years after his retirement, Earl continues to take out the big guys, this time with his fat, juicy jalapeno and smoked sausages. He spares no mercy and packs his sausage with meat and keeps on packing in all the good stuff."

18. Goose's Barbeque

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    If Tony Siragusa wasn't already a joke, then this picture of him trying to do some kind of Kung Fu with his spatulas will convince you.

    Laughter aside, I'm sure Siragusa knows his food. Just look at the guy.

17. Big Ben's Beef Jerky

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    Getting Big Ben to endorse a product probably seemed like a good idea...until all of his legal problems.

    Having a jerk like Ben endorse your jerky seems like a perfect match, but he was released from his endorsement deal after his legal troubles.

16. Youkilis Beef Jerky

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    So, in Big Ben's place is Kevin Youkilis. If a jerk like Ben isn't the kind of guy you want endorsing your jerky, then naturally you want a guy who looks like a lumberjack to do the job.

    I'm still a little confused about the included shirt, though. I don't think I would be caught wearing that to a game.

15. Fred Smoot's Smack Energy Bar

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    The name choice is questionable, until you remember that Smoot was a member of the Vikings Love Boat scandal.

    I'm sure he was smacking a lot more than an energy bar in those days. So, naturally, he wants to share that energy with you.

14. Jagr Butter

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    Peanut butter is one of the stranger things to endorse with your likeness. But that about sums up the hockey star that was Jaromir Jagr.

13. Shaq's Mr. Big

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    Shaq certainly has his funny moments, but he also has some very questionable ones (the obvious go-to here is "Kazaam").

    This has to be one of them. That pose behind the title "Mr. Big," well I'll leave the rest of that to you.

12. Flutie Flakes

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    This is the standard by which all star athlete foods are measured.

    You know that you've had an interesting career through the CFL and all in between when you are probably best known for two things: a Hail Mary and Flutie Flakes.

11. TO's

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    Not to be outdone, TO decided to endorse a cereal of his own while in Buffalo.

    That's refreshing. For a while there I thought that TO did absolutely nothing while he was a Bill.

10. Ochocinco's

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    And, TO's new teammate was not to be outdone either. Seems that athletes on cereal boxes are all connected somehow.

    This would probably be funnier if we didn't expect Ochocinco to do something like this. 

9. Barry Bonds Blizzberry

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    This is more of an athlete endorsement than anything, but this is too hard to pass up. You can see Bonds looking like his usual pompous self in this ad for Blizzberry.

    I don't know why anyone would want Bonds associated with a company name, but you have to wonder if that yogurt is juiced.

8. Eckso's

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    This is probably the worst name for a cereal that you can come up with. Eckso's? Really?

    This would be borderline acceptable if Eckstein was a star player. With that in mind, can't really say I blame him for his chance at endorsement fame.

7. Dale and Thomas Popcorn

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    Having Isiah Thomas associated with your business in any way is both hilarious and a disaster rolled into one.

    Apparently, this company did not see what he did to the CBA and the Knicks. Surprisingly, the company is still in business, in spite of Thomas and that picture. Maybe he should stick to food.

6. Ed McCaffrey's End Zone

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    What are you eating for breakfast?

    "Ed McCaffrey's End Zone."

    I don't know how that didn't cross someone's mind before this went on the market.

5. Ed McCaffrey Condiments

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    Of all the people to make this list twice, you probably never would have guessed it would be Ed McCaffrey.

    After you are done eating his end zone, you can have some of his rocky mountain sauce.

    The one with him donning a moustache is classic.

4. Tommy Gun

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    Tommy Maddox had a few good games in his career, tops. By no means does he deserve the moniker "Tommy Gun."

    Except to make him look like a complete buffoon, of course.

    What's up with that demonic look he's giving in the background? He must be saying, "I can't believe someone let me endorse their product."

    Tommy Gun? Jokes on you, Tommy.

3. Hulk Hogan's Pastamania

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    At least we never really took pro wrestlers seriously, because this picture is ridiculous.

    Hulk Hogan has done a lot of different things over the years, but there probably aren't many that he looks back on and regrets more than this.

2. Manny Ramirez and Sum Poosie

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    Manny being Manny has given us some entertainment over the years, so we shouldn't be surprised that he decided to endorse an energy drink called "Sum Poosie."

    He probably needed to boost his rep after testing positive for estrogen enhancements.

    Just makes you wonder why they would need Manny to sell a product with half-naked women on it, though.

1. Carson Palmer Hot Dogs

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    The only explanation is that he lost a bet with Ochocinco.

    At least he was a good sport about it. He sure was getting into it, though.