Karen Angle Marries Jeff Jarrett?!

John KindelanAnalyst IIIAugust 31, 2010


Karen Angle has recently changed her twitter ID to "Karen Jarrett."

The couple must have recently said their “I Dos” this month as they have been engaged since April of this year.

How does this happen? How does Kurt walk by him in the hall? What about the kids Kyrad, 8, and Kody, 4, that Karen and Kurt have together? How does mommy explain now she’s with the man Daddy wrestles against. Are you kidding me?! 

Yes there’s a “code” between guys. But there should be a code between professionals, too, and I would think even more so with professional wrestlers. People who have to live the same lifestyle should be there for one another when it comes to difficulties both in and out of the ring.

Lets lay down the rules for JJ, since he doesn’t know what they are.


Rule 1

If you want to date someone a co-worker has broken up with, you should first ask if it’s okay with them.


Rule 2

If it is a situation where it was a long term relationship, the only time it would be okay is if the two men don’t directly work with one another. Example: Bob from accounting can date Lisa, George in shipping and receiving’s ex, because Bob doesn’t even know George.


Rule 3

If it is the ex-wife of someone you work with, you don’t date her and you certainly don’t marry them. Mainly because there’s probably a reason she’s an ex.

If the defense is “but she’s so HOT and awesome," it is null and void, when your company has something called a KNOCK-OUT division.

To marry the ex of someone you work with on a daily basis must be difficult

To marry the ex of someone you work with in a physical activity where you are pitted against one another and may HURT one another is unthinkable.

To marry the ex of someone you have to wrestler AND there’s kids involved is utterly ridiculous.


For a long time I didn’t watch TNA because I felt they were the WWE burnout group, with a paper champion who bought himself a company and a belt, because the company he worked for would never hire him back.

I have recently started watching TNA and was pleased. Last weeks episode that aired on August 26th had some pretty horrible spots, but I was looking forward to watching it again this week. But now this news hits, and I’m not so sure.

Vince, you brought back Brett, the man who punched you and physically spit in your face. If you're reading this, please, bring back Kurt and save him—save him from a company that is doomed. Because if this is how one of its owners behaves towards not only an employee, but a man of the stature of Kurt Angle, they are managing themselves right into the ground.

Kurt, get out, run, leave that no talent, fat flabby hack Double J, go get with your young beautiful girl friend, 23 year old actress Giovanna Yannotti and head back home to the WWE. Pull up in a milk truck, throw down the gauntlet, slap Jack Swagger’s lisp right off him and reclaim your spot.

Jarrett we have to see you on TV each week, I suggest you go and get your old T-Shirts out of storage, because apparently your new finishing move should be called the slap nuts.

What a d-bag.