No Favre, It won't be the Same!

Bernard StasenCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

According to a report a Favre trade to the Buc could be finalized in the next 24 hours. To me that isn't a shocker, but it is not what I wanted to hear. In my opinion I wish favre chose to stay retired. Just like times before when great players come out of retirement and change teams. ala' Jordan. That is the worst feeling of the day when you see the reports Brett Favre won't play another game in a Packers uniform.


Yes I'm only 19 and no I'm not a Packers fan, but I've watched Packers Games on t.v. before and seeing Brett with another team won't look or feel right. I don't feel like it ruin or persay damage his career or image, but I feel like he should be a Packer for life. Looking at his stats:
5377 Com
8759 Att
61655 Yards
61.4 Comp %
7.04 YDS Per ATT
99 Long
442 TD
288 INT
439 Sacks
85.7 Rat
All these stats and any stats he has yet to record should be for the Packers, as a Packer. Not Tampa, not New York, Not Minnesota, or any other team for that matter. When I watch a Bucs game(which I live where the Bucs games are always on) It won't feel like the same old Brett. The same old Brett who doesn't miss a game for any reason whatsoever. The same Brett makes everyone of his teammates better, even the defense(Yes, He's that Good).


I believe the Bucs are getting a GREAT Deal! But it surprises me that they would trade for Favre with Jeff Garcia as their quarterback. I know Jon Gruden has a good relationship with Favre, but it doesn't seem Gruden-like to go away from Garcia that easily. I believe(which I'm not a coach or anything) that Garcia should get a chance to keep his starting position. That means once Favre does, if he does, get traded to the Bucs that Favre and Garcia should start out at the same position. They shouldn't just throw Brett into the starting role, which I believe is what will happen.


Either way the table turns it's gonna be an akward situation. Either by seeing Brett in a Bucs uniform to the fact that Garcia won't even get a chance to be the starter. I believe the outcome will be the worst. Brett does get traded to the Bucs,(Once again I can't see Brett in another teams uniform) and then Garcia will be traded. I see Garcia getting traded to a team like KC or Chicago, somewhere he become the starting QB. Any comments about my thoughts on the Favre Saga are welcome. Thanks and keep reading my blog posts!

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