Spotlighting Our Legends Past: Series 1, Volume 4

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Spotlighting Our Legends Past: Series 1, Volume 4

It’s been a while since I have done an edition of Spotlighting Our Legends Past. I am very happy that everyone seems to be enjoying the series so far. Wrestling history is one of my true passions. So when I do these it’s more of a treat knowing you enjoy them.

In this edition we are going to cover people who not only had charisma, but also brains and beauty. Whether they helped Pioneer wrestling for a gender, or just knew how to gab on the stic, these greats will always be remembered for their contributions to the business.


 The Fabulous Moolah


One of wrestling's original queens of the rings, the Fabulous Moolah started her career in the late 1940s. She was not only a tough cookie in the ring she was also a shrewd businesswoman.

In her early years, Moolah was mainly a valet. She would manage some of the biggest names in the business. She would use her body and mind to help become one of the biggest names in wrestling history.

Taking on names like “Slave Girl,” Moolah, who flirted with the men in the audience, would make her an instant hit. In fact, she was so loved that an obsessed fan tried to stab her after she kissed Tony Olivas on the cheek before his match.

This was primarily because Olivas, a Mexican wrestler, looked black because his skin was so dark.

It was her work as a pioneer for women’s wrestling that would make her stand above the rest though. In 1956, she would win a battle royal to become the NWA women’s champ. She would hold onto this belt for a decade.

This would be just the start of many title runs for this queen of the ring. Throughout her long historic career, she had beaten just about every top female wrestler to come through the pipes. Moolah would also make headlines when she broke sex barriers by being the first woman allowed to wrestle at MSG.

In the ‘80s, Moolah would play a key role during the Rock and Wrestling connection. Her feud with her former student Wendi Richter would be remembered as a key part to the WWE’s early success.  She was also involved in the “original screw job,” when she beat Richter as the “Spider Lady.”

This queen of the ring did it all. Her contributions to pro wrestling and women’s wrestling will be remembered forever.


Bobby Heenan


This high school dropout would not only make it in life, but he would go onto achieve many great feats.

While Bobby Heenan's in-ring career was nothing to write home about, there is no doubt in anyone's mind the impact he made in wrestling. Heenan broke into wrestling in the 60s, but didn't really standout until he joined the AWA. He later moved on to the WWF, where he became a legend in this business.

He has managed such greats as Andre the Giant, Nick Bockwinkel, and Big John Studd, just to name a few. He had the ability to cut a promo that could put any wrestlers over. It was his gift on the mic, and his ability to draw heat that would earn him the title "Weasel."

He is also famous for his announcing work. As he and his longtime friend Gorilla Monsoon went on to not only call matches together, they would also do most of the WWF’s TV programs. These two played off each other perfectly.

It was a special bond that we are unlikely to ever see again from anyone.

He left a legacy behind that would set a standard for managers and announcers. It is believed by many that the team of Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were the best broadcast pair in the history of pro wrestling.


Randy "Macho Man" Savage


A second generation star from the Poffo family. Randy Savage hurt his arm in baseball, ending his baseball career. The obvious choice after that was wrestling, and it was a good one.

Randy Savage started wrestling in 1973. He went to many different federations and feuded with the likes of Jerry Lawler, among others. Where he really made a name for himself was in the WWF where he became one of WWF's top heels and feuded with all the top names at the time.

His match with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at WM is still considered one of the best ever. He reached the top of his career when he became the WWF champ at WrestleMania IV. He would go on to hold that title for over a year.

His feud with Hogan would go down as one of the greatest in wrestling history. This is in large part due to the true bad feelings the two had for each other. It would continue on well after Savage retired.

His off the wall character was something the wrestling world had never seen before at the time. Combine that with his natural charisma and in ring skills, and you have yourself a natural superstar. Not only would he help the WWE to the top, he also had a part in the rise of WCW.

What made savage so remembered is his over the top heel promos. His flashy style and heel tactics are still remembered today as some of the best in the business. It is safe to say that we will never see another like Randy Savage again.

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