A Trip Down Memory Lane, Remember When!!!!!

Ben JamesContributor IAugust 31, 2010

Whats up EVERYBODY!!!!! It's been a while since I wrote something so this is my come back article. I was inspired to write this when I was reading some of the reviews from the RAW 900th episode. Now I didn't watch it and from what I was reading I'm glad I didn't. So this is a trip down memory lane when wrestling use to mean something.

Remember when wrestling use to be exciting? When I was a kid I use to spend the night over my grandparents house. I would wake up on Saturday mornings filled with joy because I knew that wrestling was about to come on. There were times when I would be sleepy but I had to watch WWF Superstars (The Oringinal). And then on Saturday evenings it was WCW/NWA on TBS at 6:05pm (I lived on the east coast). Those were times I will never forget. I can remember watching Macho Man Randy Savage wrestle Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. And Randy went to the top rope with the ring bell in his hands and he came down a crushed Ricky's throat. Or Remember WM 3. Hulk vs. Andre. 93,000 fans packed in Detriot to see this epic event.

Remember when Ravishing Rick Rude would come to the ring and he would grab the mic and say. "I want all you fat, ugly, out of shape, no good, peices of crap to shut your mouths while I take my robe off.. Hit the Music". And then he would pull a young lady from crowd and kiss her right there in the ring. But there was one time he picked the wrong woman out of the crowd. Because it was Jake "The Snake" Roberts  wife, and she didnt want to kiss him. That was a great feud in the WWF. There are many other memories I have with the WWF but lets not forget WCW/NWA.

Remember when Lex Luger and Barry Windham were the tag team champions and they were facing Arn Anderson and Tully Blachard. The match was getting really intense it looks like Lex and Barry are about to take the win and then out of no where Barry turns on Lex, leaves in the ring and joins the greatest group of all time The 4 Horsemen. WOW

Then there was the time Ricky Steamboat was facing Terry Funk (Clash of the Champions) The match was over and Funk was giving Ricky the beating of his life. Out came Lex Luger he clears the ring of Funk (no pun intended) picks Ricky up, the crowd is going wild, he raise Ricky's hand up in the air.................... And the gives him the "ORINGINAL" clothesline from HELL. AWESOME.

But for me what really made wrestling exciting was when there would be a match with someone like Ric Flair vs. Sting. And the match would be getting really good and the crowd would begin to go crazy because of the action that was going on. And the wrestlers were flying every where and doing moves to get everybody pumped up. And the announcer would say "Sorry we are out of time fans we will see you next week" And you would be like NOOOOOOOOOOOO, because there was no youtube where you could go and watch what happen. You would have to watch the next we because they were going to show you what took place when they went off the air. Those were good times

Now I'm not saying these were the greatest moments in wrestling history. They were just ones that I can remember that really stuck out in my mind. I could go on and on with the times I remember watching wrestling and all those great moments. Those times are gone now. What I would like to see happen is wrestling to create that again. Let's get back to exciting wrestling where it leaves you on the edge of your sent and you sitting there wanting more.

So with all that, what are some of times that you remember when? Post your comments

Love, peace and increase!!!!