Review Of Raw's 900th Episode

Claude PeaseContributor IAugust 31, 2010

The 900th Raw episode!

As a regular Raw episode, very good.

But how it was promoted, expected a LOT more, especially appearances by past stars (other than Bret Hart).

 that stood out (good or bad)

1. CM Punk's segment was good, the teases of Stone Cold and the Rock were funny (disappointing as I hoped for appearances, but funny for the segment).

2. Chris Jericho announcing his win the title or leave was not surprising (especially since his contract is up in the next couple weeks). Are they really going with this angle again on a Superstar who might leave?

3. The lame mystery (e-mail) GM is getting old. Put a face to the GM and do it soon!

4. Nexus got their behinds handed to them by the Superstars, and if not for Orton not paying attention, they had that match won. Even short-handed with the abandonment of Edge and Jericho. Didn't a Nexus member tap out fairly quickly. Is the Nexus "attitude" excused this time since they are only at 5 members. They only want the strong!

5. Wade Barrett did not have a good night, the episode showed he could sneak up on others and pin someone, did not really show any good wrestling moves.

6. Does anyone really think Kane is working with Nexus, even for one segment. Does he want his "revenge" performed by someone else or himself?

7. The Undertaker had Nexus on the run, then suddenly a "lights out" and somehow Wade Barrett reversed him even though the Undertaker had his hand around Barrett's throat!

8. Nexus should be beaten by any group of experienced Superstars, give me a team of Mark Henry, Goldust, Great Kahli, Chavo Guerrero & Albert Del Rio (isn't his goal to take down immigrants from other countries to prove he is the best and isn't Wade Barrett an immigrant?). This group should be able to handle Nexus!

9. A tag team #1 contender's match with no winner, what, did the producers need 30 seconds to fill in, maybe they could have showed the "Lengendary" trailer another time instead!

10. Interesting (good) Diva segment and the announcement of the "Lumberjack" match at NOC. The short match was standard, but at least they added something to the end!

11. Very good video clips of past episodes.

11. Smackdown wrestlers showing up on Raw was a good touch!

12. Night of champions is shaping up to be a very good PPV. 

One of the biggest questions I have for WWE:

WHERE IS VINCE MCMAHON! Vince involved usually throws some things into interesting chaos. Unless I missed it, his last appearance was being beaten down by Nexus. With his position and power to that position, what happened to him should have resulted in some kind of "payback" by Mr. McMahon.

Hopefully, the e-mail GM, missing McMahon and Nexus story-lines are resolved soon!