Brett Favre Is Headed for the Wrong Bay

Southern CheeseheadCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Wow...a lot can change in 24 hours, can't it?  I seem to remember very recently thinking all was right with the world again. Gas prices had come down some, football was on TV, and Brett Favre was walking around Green Bay.

Even my friend's little boy tried to console his crying and upset toddler sister by saying, "Cheer up, Brett Favre is back in Green Bay." I just love that child for thinking that way. It cheered me up.

That came to a screeching halt yesterday, as practice started and No. 4 was strangely still missing. Then, coach McCarthy took the podium and stated the inevitable and the obvious...Brett wasn't going to play for Green Bay.

It almost made this pastor's wife want to say a curse word...ALMOST!

I just can't get over the roller coaster of emotions and events that have gone on over the past few weeks and months in this situation.

I realize that a player shouldn't be bigger than the team, but he's been beloved by the fans and the city—which owns the team—and he led us back to the success that we hadn't seen in years. It makes it hard to stop something like that from happening. 

I believe that it took a big man to admit that he would be a disruption to come back and play for the team that he loves so much. He's torn inside. He loves the team for whom he's played 16 years, and he loves the fans there. He loves playing the game, but there isn't much love lost for Ted Thompson, who has obviously gotten his way.

It breaks my heart that the Packers' management has decided to treat their very own this way, but I will still support the team. I was born a Packer fan and that's not something that you just throw away, but over the past 16 years, I've become a Favre fan as well.  

So, I guess I'm now going to have to adopt another team...a different bay it looks like. It's the WRONG one, but another bay nonetheless. I guess I'll have not-so-matching No. 4 jerseys pretty soon because I will still support him as one of the best QBs to play the game.

I'll be proud of the fact that the majority of that career and success was with my team, the Green Bay Packers. I saw my first Packer game with him at the helm, and then witnessed my first Packer game at Lambeau with No. 4 as the starter.

Thanks "4" the memories, Brett!

I'm now prepared that it's going to be a long season for us and good ol' Ted "stubborn ego" Thomson. I hope you have a great season and show them why you wanted to come back and how you can still play.

Think about us as we suffer through what we were before you came. And we'll think about you as we watch you get used by a team that has cheerleaders on the sidelines and a big pirate ship in the end zone. Ahoy matey!