Jerichoholics, Prepare Yourself for the Worst

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 31, 2010

This week’s RAW was a really bad one for me. Not because we didn’t get to see Stone Cold, the Rock, Marty Jannetty, or any of the other sacks of meat they could have dug up from the past. In fact from a wrestling standpoint it was a decent episode of RAW.

What really made me cringe in fear this week was the announcement Jericho made during his promo. For those that missed it; Jericho stated that he would quit the WWE if he didn’t win the belt at Night of Champions.

Normally I don’t look too much into wrestling promos, but with no confirmation of a contract signed by Jericho you have to wonder. Is this the way the WWE is going to get Jericho out the door? I know many of the other Jerichoholics have to be feeling the same way.

Let’s face facts; Jericho isn’t known for his big title wins. Sure the WWE surprises us and tosses the belt on him once in a while. Other than him winning the undisputed title, these victories have never been that memorable though.

So how can I feel safe in thinking he will win in a few weeks?

I remember I wrote an article a little while ago saying that we wouldn’t miss him until he is gone. Never did I expect that it could happen this soon. As Jerichoholics will now have to prepare are selves for the worst now.

We can go about it in a couple of different ways. The first way would be to complain about it. I know it will be very hard for us not to get are dose of Jericho each week. This would be the wrong way to look at things though.

Instead I will choose to remember the fond years if he retires. He has given us so many great matches over the years. So for us to complain about him wanting to take time off would be wrong.

What we need to do is remember the good times and prepare ourselves to move on.

My fondest memory was when he beat Triple HHH for the WWE title. For you newer Jericholics don’t adjust your monitors; Jericho did pin HHH to become the heavyweight champ. It was a short lived victory because HHH had it back a few minutes later due to the ref reversing his decision.

There have been many great Y2J memories over the years. Jericho winning the undisputed title, his great cruiserweight runs in WCW, and if you want to see some vintage Jericho look up his Japan stuff.

These are the fond memories that Jericho has given me and many others throughout his career.

These are also the same memories that we Jericholics need to start appreciating A.S.A.P. Because the end of the line just may be right around the corner. If this is indeed the case; it’s better to remember him fondly than to be bitter about him leaving.

I hope I am wrong with all this negative talk. I hope after night of champions we will see are hero with the belt held high over his head. I also hope that on the next night of RAW he is calling me a hypocritical, gelatnis, parasite. At least then I will have a reason to watch the lame show known as RAW on Mondays.

Wrestling without Jericho will be a bitter pill for us Jerichoholics to swallow. It may be a dose of medicine we have to take whether we like it or not.

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