WWE Raw 900th Episode Review: A Lot Of Answers and a Lot Of Questions

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IAugust 31, 2010

Raw is the longest running weekly TV show in USA.
Raw is the longest running weekly TV show in USA.

The 900th installment of Raw was a good show overall, with an interesting booking and promos. The matches were also actually entertaining and the results were very decent. 

For such an historic episode, Raw didn't deliver as much as expected. No major surprise such as the presence of The Rock or Stone Cold; no Jim Ross at the announce table.

The footage from the past episodes were nice to watch but the anniversary show deserved bigger.

That being said, WWE delivered a solid and outstanding spectacle for various other reasons. 


Kane Behind Nexus?

It looks like Kane is the mastermind pulling The Nexus' strings. 

With the segment he had with The Nexus and the attack against The Undertaker, it would make sense. If that's the case, the stable would solidify its status and would be very dominating. 

It could be the first step for the group to have all the WWE Championships in their camp.

Kane is already the World Heavyweight Champion and Wade Barrett could win the WWE Title at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view. The other Championships could be easily "given" to the other Nexus members.

That would also draw an interesting picture for Bragging Rights in October. It will create good Raw vs. Smackdown showdowns.

Nexus will be probably added to the mix because of their signature letter "N" on the pay-per-view logo. There might be a Raw vs. Smackdown vs. Nexus match on the card.


The Divas and Women's Titles Unification

The Championships unification was a topic in the air on the web for the last few months and it will become a reality at Night Of Champions.

Finally, WWE is doing something to actually help their women. As I once mentioned in some past articles, the unification of the Titles would be a concrete move to improve the agonizing Divas Division.

That will give some prestige back to the Championship; the feuds over it will be way more intense and interesting.

Now, we only have to wait to see who Melina, the current Divas Champion will chose to face at Night Of Champions. But to make sense, Layla should be the one since she should be the legit Women's Title Champion.

Interesting and long lasting inter-brand feuds?

With the inter-brand show presented on Raw and with the high quality of the booking, Bragging Rights might be the best pay-per-view of the year.

In addition, it is rumored a lot of roster mix up between the red and the blue brands with the moving of Smackdown to SyFy. No one can say if the Raw superstars move to the Friday night show will be temporary or not, only for the first show on the new channel.

It would make a lot of sense to stop the wrestlers brand exclusivity concept. That would be a huge potential for better and different story-lines.


Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan are here to stay

Despite what is reported about Alberto Del Rio and his backstage issues, it seems his push won't be stopped.

His segment during and after the Swagger-Bourne match proved that the WWE didn't drop the ball with the one who is seen by many as a future main eventer. So, all hopes to see him rising to the top still alive.

Daniel Bryan also got his share under the spotlight with his continuing rivalry with The Miz that might culminate at Night Of Champions with the US Title on the line.

On a side note, Michael Cole's comments about the Kaval-Bryan tandem as the Internet Wrestling Community's dream team were really funny.