The 3-Count Re-Count: August 2010 Edition

Brian A. BradshawCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2010

Welcome, Bleacher's, to my new monthly magazine article; The 3-Count Re-Count.


Towards the end of every month, I, Brian Bradshaw, will post an article with my thoughts from select events, issues, and happenings from the previous 30-days in WWE and TNA. I hope that you, The Bleacher Report Wrestling Community will enjoy my pieces, and leave feedback (positive or negative) with views of your own.


So without further delay, we start with The 3-Count Re-Count: August 2010 Edition.


World Wrestling Entertainment


SummerSlam Summery/Nexus Angle


SummerSlam 2010, for me, did not live up to the hype and expectations the WWE set it out to be. Albeit a surprise or two, the PPV was average at best. I'm not going to run down all the results, but look at the main talking points


Team WWE defeated Nexus in no spectacular fashion. The result was pretty much expected, to be honest, and throughout the match I did not see a glimmer of hope that Nexus would win. That was just me, though.


The surpise here was Daniel Bryan's return - I for one did not see that coming. I always believed Bryan would make a WWE comeback, just not at SummerSlam. Kudos to the WWE for that, I, for one am delighted to see him return.


As for the Nexus, I personally believe the angle has run it's course. After that defeat, the water put out the fire, and I have found it uninteresting since. Hopefully WWE can recover the Nexus flame, before more fans get bored.


The two title matches were OK at best, but there were no real surprises. I think everybody expected Kane to overcome the huge (sarcasm) task placed in front of him, by defeating Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. No surprises there.


The anticipated return of The Undertaker, looking for vegeance for his brother's betrayal, was confirmed. But in the end, it was Kane who stood triumphant, hitting "The Phenom" with the Tombstone - the ending of the match being the only other real surprise on the night.


Randy Orton failed in his pursuit to capture the WWE Championship from Sheamus, although winning the match thanks to the Irishman's disqualification. This was the biggest disappointment on the night, the match deserved anything but a no-contest. The only ray of sunshine from the bout is that the feud shall continue.


On a small note, I'm glad Dolph Ziggler is getting his long-overdue push. I love Kofi Kingston, but he doesn't need the Intercontinental Championship to propell him further, he is already a huge star. Ziggler is a man who is awaiting that same fate, and he is one step further to reaching it.


Serena Released


This was one of the major let-downs of the month, mainly due to the circumstances leading to Serena being future-endeavoured.


After making her in-ring debut on Smackdown, a statement was released up on of Serena's release, but with no clear answer as to why. Rumour has it the Straight Edge Society member was sacked for "not living the lifestyle." Now if this is true, it is ridiculous in every sense of the word.


I am not a fan of the WWE's policy of remaining in character outside of work, it is a pathetic, contradictive threshold. It has been stated The Undertaker was refused permission to attend a UFC event due to his character being in a vegative state. Yet, he was allowed to get married and have his wedding photos placed on the internet. This is where the WWE let their Superstars down.


I'm pretty sure that The Undertaker isn't looking for souls, Randy Orton isn't punting random people in the head, and Chris Jericho isn't using extensive lingo to abuse his fans outside of work, to keep in character. So why can't Serena let her (very little) hair down and have a night on the town for a few drinks?


It's not like she was shooting herself up with Heroin, for crying out loud...


Now this may be speculation, but all the signs point to this being the reason. Serena wasn't given a proper chance in WWE, but hopefully she can get her career back on track, and I send her my best wishes in her future.


New WWE Tag Team Belts/Possible WWE Logo Change


On the August 16th edition of Monday Night Raw, the disguised Raw General Manager announced that the Unified Tag Team Championships would be replaced with a brand new WWE Tag Team Championship. After the announcement, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart brought out the new belts to hand them to the Hart Dynasty members, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith.


The new belts feature cicular gold plates, the main plate design having two Roman soldier heads. I think the design is awful, however, I'm glad the WWE have made the step to produce a single set of belts.


It has been also rumoured that the WWE is to debut a new logo, alledgedly at the 900th edition of Monday Night Raw (which is about to start as I type, unfortunately I can't watch it). The Honky Tonk Man has apparently "confirmed" this.


The rumoured new logo features the old 80's "WW" with a slanted E, in white with a black outline. I have seen it and do not like it, however, a new logo is long overdue, not only to finally add an E, but to distance the current era from the Attitude Era.


I will fully support the WWE on this change, should it happen.


Alberto Del Rio Debut/Tyler Black Signs With WWE


If you didn't see August 20th edition of Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio made his debut, defeating Rey Mysterio. The following week, he savagely attacked Mysterio following the Rey's match with Kane.


I, for one am impressed with what I have seen so far. Del Rio is still a little green, but he has an impressive array of moves, thanks to his MMA background, and portrays a great heel in the mould of JBL. Could ADR be the next JBL? We shall see, but I predict a great future for Alberto Del Rio.


Ring Of Honor World Heavweight Champion, Tyler Black signed with the WWE this past month. I am absolutely delighted WWE have snapped him up, Black is a great talent and a top future prospect.


I predict him to spend a while in FCW, before becoming a competitor on NXT towards the beginning of 2011. The future is certainly bright for Tyler Black, and I cannot wait to see him on WWE TV.


Remembering Lance Cade and Luna Vachon


It has been a very sad month in the world of wrestling, with the sad passings of former WWE stars Lance Cade on August 13th, aged 29, and Luna Vachon on August 27th, aged 48.


Lance Cade was said to be very ill before he died of heart failure at his father's home. A protege of Shawn Michaels, Cade was a very under-rated star in my eyes. He had several terms in the WWE, where he was a 3-time World Tag Team Champion with Trevor Murdock. He was released after what Jim Ross described as "utilizing bad judgement", and suffering a seizure on a plane.

Cade is survived by his wife Tanya, 2 daughters Natallye and Laryssa, and step-son Brian Curry II.


Luna Vachon died at her mother's home, shortly after her house burned down, in which she lost all of her wrestling-related memorabilia and possessions. An undisclosed type(s) of pills were found around her mother's house, speculating she took her own life. She was married 3 times, and leaves behind 2 sons and 2 granddaughters.


Vachon was an eccentric character, sporting a mohawk hairstyle and weird face paint. She never won a title in WWE, but will be fondly remembered as managers of Shawn Michaels, the late Bam Bam Bigelow, and Goldust. She is also credited with being the mentor of current WWE Diva, Natalya.


I believe I speak for all of the Bleacher Report Wrestling Community when I say Lance Cade and Luna Vachon will be sadly missed, and may they both rest in peace.


Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling


Hardcore Justice/EV 2.0


Yup. You knew this coming.


I'm going to be completely honest here, I enjoyed TNA's Hardcore Justice PPV. It was great to see the legendary ECW Extremists, like Al Snow and Raven in action once more. I'm all for ECW nostalgia, just not on a TNA PPV.


TNA has a plethora of wrestling talent that deserves to be wrestling on PPV events, and I felt that the company dropped the ball by making it an EV 2.0 official event, adverse to a EV 2.0 v TNA show. I have absolutely no problem with the ECW legends being in TNA, and their feud with Fortune is interesting, but Vince Russo and co. really need to put over their own talent, instead of contsistently burying them.


TNA Television Championship/AJ Styles

After defeating Rob Terry for the Global Championship last month, AJ Styles renamed it the Television Championship, and adding the stipulation that it would be defended every episode of iMPACT!


However, since then AJ Styles faced Kurt Angle on the televised Whole F'N Show iMPACT! special, without the title being on the line. Already TNA are making the same mistakes as the Television Championship's predecessors, the Legends and Global Championship, by utilizing it when it's convenient to them.


My suggestion to TNA is to stick to what the title represents, or drop it. If utilized correctly, the TNA Television Championship can be a prestigious and exciting title for the company.


The one thing that is really bugging me is the devaluing of AJ Styles. Since losing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Rob Van Dam, Styles has been pushed back down to the mid-card. For someone that TNA - and many - consider the best in the world, and who carried the Heavyweight division for nearly a whole year, he really should be vying for the title he dropped, not for a title with little-to-no prestige behind it.


AJ Styles has been vocal about the presence of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, and they haven't been positive comments. I hope for TNA's sake they push Styles back to the top soon.


The Whole F'N Show 


To close the article, I shall leave you with a few positive thoughts on TNA.


I'm just going to say it how it is; The Whole F'N Show was F'N awesome from start to finish. There was very little that let me down on the night, and had this been a PPV, I would be speaking the truth when I say it would have been the best PPV event since WrestleMania X7 (my all-time favourite PPV).


In an industry where TNA have struggled to send shockwaves through, 12th August 2010 will go down as the company's greatest achievement...and they made it look easy. Every match on the card were great, but for one exception - The Motor City Machine Guns versus Beer Money Inc. match for the TNA Tag Team Championship.


No match has had me jumping out of my seat and shouting like that in a very, very long time. Every move in the Best of 5, 2/3 Falls finale were crisp and landed with perfection, and the four men can die happily knowing they put on a match that will go down as one of the greatest tag matches in history.


It wasn't a classic, but a legendary bout, and easily the best match in TNA history.


My advice to TNA is to drop a few PPV's and stick to TV specials such as The Whole F'N Show. It will solve the PPV low buy-rate crisis, and attract more fans. Why pay to watch PPV-quality matches, when you can watch them for free? It just makes good business sense.


And so comes to a close the first edition of The 3-Count Re-Count. I hope you all enjoyed my work, I welcome positive and negative feedback, and opinions of your own.


Thanks for reading!


-Brian Bradshaw















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