WWE SMACKDOWN Review: Undertaker Will Never R.I.P.

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2010

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Rey Mysterio in a No DQ Match:


The Big Red Machine choke slammed Mysterio onto a steel chair for the victory after Kane handled most of the match.


I haven’t the slightest idea how Rey Mysterio would be facing Kane in a match after losing a match clean to a newcomer. In my estimate, that would usually drop you from contention.


Alberto Del Rio confronted Mysterio after the match, later saying Mysterio looked like a “dying dog” that needed to be “put down.” Del Rio threw Mysterio into the ringside guardrail. Del Rio locked in his arm bar on Mysterio who screamed in pain. Del Rio continued the assault by closing a steel chair on Mysterio’s arm. Del Rio finished him off when he tossed him into the ring post.


Del Rio’s attack on Mysterio further catapulted his position in the WWE pecking order. Del Rio’s promo skills have obviously helped him garner a top heel status. His delivery of the “dying dog” before beating down Mysterio made the beat down that much more entertaining.


I would bet that Drew McIntyre is envious of Del Rio’s current program. After all, how many times can you beat a jobber, Matt Hardy, and lose to Christian?



Match Rating: 7/10

Post Match Rating: 9/10



CM Punk vs. JTG Match:



CM Punk earned the easy win over JTG after the GTS.


After the match, The SES entered the ring where Punk told them they must be better or be gone.


As most of you know by now, Serena was released from the WWE. Serena was one of the best female wrestlers coming out of FCW. Her skills on the microphone were above average and her ability in the ring was excellent. There is speculation that her release may be a result of not living the “straight edge lifestyle”.  I am sure that there will be an explanation for television that depicts her in that fashion as to the reason why Punk expelled her from the group.


So did she violate the wellness policy? Was she simply pushed out with the pending arrival of new female talents?


JTG had so much promise when he broke free from Shad. Now it looks however that his singles career is floundering as his television appearances have dwindled.


Match Rating: 6/10



Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston Match:


Kingston won the match by count out when Vicki Guerrero held Ziggler back from getting into the ring. Prior to the match, there was a stipulation that if Ziggler was disqualified he would lose the championship.


The DQ victory didn’t sit well with Kofi as he chased Ziggler through the crowd.


 Kofi and Dolph’s match was much better than last week’s showing. Despite the count out ending, it was still worth watching.


They should have their best-of-seven match so we know why we are seeing them fight every Friday night.


Match Rating: 8/10



Jack Swagger vs. MVP Match:


Swagger defeated MVP by disqualification when he was slapped. The match was dubbed the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational”. The winner would be decided by who ever achieved five takedowns on the opponent. Due to Swagger winning the match, he will be the host of the next “VIP Lounge.”


Swagger attacked MVP on the outside after the DQ finish. Swagger put MVP in his vicious ankle lock to make a statement.


Glad to see Swagger’s mean streak again. The match wasn’t really entertaining but it served its purpose to further their program.


When Swagger hosts the “VIP Lounge” the obvious guest will be MVP. It doesn’t make the show any different as the interview will result in a brawl regardless of who is the host.


Match Rating: 4/10



Alberto Del Rio vs. Local Jobber Match:


Del Rio defeated the local jobber by submission utilizing the arm bar (cross arm breaker).


Del Rio’s entrance showcased once again his personal ring announcer. He entered the arena this week in a Jaguar.


It’s interesting that they gave him a jobber for his second match. Del Rio needed someone to destroy while his program with Mysterio continues.


Match Rating: 4/10



Big Show vs. Luke Gallows Match:


Big Show won after hitting Gallows with his knockout punch.


Big Show and Gallows’ matches are always very good. It is evident that they have great chemistry in the ring and deliver every time.


Kelly Kelly accompanied Big Show to the ring. With Serena receiving her walking papers, Kelly Kelly is left without a feud.


Kelly Kelly may be a potential “Pro” on the next NXT if they do go with a few female “Rookies”.


Match Rating: 8/10



Undertaker & Kane Segment:


The Undertaker said that Kane is “guilty of treacherous betrayal” and that he is not worthy of being his brother or carrying the World Heavyweight Championship.


Now here's the good stuff folks; Taker goes on to say “I taught you everything you know about evil. But I didn’t teach you everything I know”.


Kane did not appear rattled by Taker’s words. He told Taker that it would end the same way it did at Summer Slam, with Taker helpless at his feet.


“I vow on the grave of our mother, that you will never rest in piece” Kane said in his best Undertaker voice.


Their exchange made me feel like I was watching a horror flick. It nearly made me forget I was watching a wrestling promo as their theatrics were chilling.


Segment Rating: 9/10


Final Thoughts:


Night of Champions pay-per-view is on the horizon.  The only matches that are certain right now are the championship matches. Kane vs. Undertaker and Ziggler vs. Kingston are going to be good match-ups.


Lay-Cool will somehow battle Melina at the show as well with a likely hood of unifying the women’s championships. It would make sense to unify the titles with the withering divisions on both sides. It’s even more likely with the tag team championship getting the same treatment.


With the six-pack challenge for Monday Night Raw, there may not be a lot of room for non-title matches. The current Smackdown programs that may get the nod are the following:


Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

Big Show vs. CM Punk

Jack Swagger vs. MVP


McIntyre/Rhodes vs. Hardy/Christian


I think they have to find time for Del Rio vs. Mysterio and Big Show vs. Punk.


Friday nights are getting to be a lot more entertaining than Monday night with these intriguing story lines.


The move from MyTV to Sci-Fi will only benefit the blue team and I look forward to it. I hope that they find a new home for NXT. I suggest replacing Superstars on WGN with it since Superstars is looking more like Sunday night Heat these days.


Overall Rating: 8/10