Tiger Woods' Absence Makes PGA the "Forgotten" Championship

Chris MoellerCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Watching SportsCenter last night, 90 percent of the news covered the Brett Favre saga.  The other 10 percent consisted of a few baseball highlights and talk about whether the USA's Dream Team can find gold in Beijing.

And then an interview with Tiger Woods, a few months removed from season ending knee surgery...

First they discuss Tiger's thoughts of Brett Favre.  Woods explains the feelings Favre must have, including frustration, despair, and exhaustion.

Tiger cites the comeback of Michael Jordan.  He just couldn't quit.  Favre loves football and wants to play.

Woods respects and understands his position and acknowledges that Green Bay has treated their "former" star unfairly.  Woods is disappointed how the saga has dragged out and turned sour. 

Then, Tiger is asked if he will be watching the PGA Championship this weekend...

The PGA Championship is this weekend???

I couldn't believe it.  I have not heard a whisper regarding the championship.  Between Favre's debacle, the upcoming Olympic games, and more of Brett Favre, nobody has mentioned the PGA Championship.

Woods replies that he will not be watching the championship this weekend.  He is the two-time defending champion, and not even he is going to watch the spectacle.  Well, Tiger is not alone.

Ratings have been down as expected over the last few months, following his epic championship at Torrey Pines.  Galleries are noticably thinner and the media coverage is minimal.

I promise that if Tiger were in the event as a two-time defending champ, the PGA Championship would be one of the premiere events of the weekend, alongside the Olympics in Beijing.

But that is not the case, and I did not realize until last night (Tuesday), that the championship was this weekend.

Tiger Woods has transformed the game of golf into a media sensation, and every event in which he competes is worthwhile to follow. 

The British Open received little coverage and the only story that made headlines was that Greg "The Shark" Norman was in contention to win his third British Open.  Padraig Harrington emerged as a back-to-back champion, but no one remembers. 

If the PGA Championship wants any coverage or attention this week, a story needs to develop fast.  Mickelson has been a bust this year, so don't waste our time with him. 

Furyk hasn't had a good, consistent season.  Vijay is coming off his first win of the year, so maybe his return to glory is a good start.

I don't expect to see much of the tournament this weekend.  Tiger isn't competing.  He isn't draining 70-foot eagles that cause the nation to rumble with excitement.  He isn't fist pumping his way to victory. 

He isn't intimidating his opponents. He isn't attracting thousands upon thousands of followers.  He will not be there to provide the excitement and thrill that has transformed the way we perceive golf.  Therefore, I will not watch much of the PGA Championship, and neither will America...