Wrestlemania 27: Sheamus Vs Goldberg. Why Not!

Michael MalnicofContributor IAugust 30, 2010

Hold On! Before anybody starts to Freak Out on Me, let me explain. This Idea just Popped into my head a few minutes ago and I just had to write this.

Hello Wrestling Fans, I'm Back and Today is a 2 for 1 deal as this is My 2nd Article in the past 2 hours and I hope this won't disappoint.

Okay, So I was Playing WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (Awesome game for the Game cube) and decided to have my Caws of Goldberg and Sheamus Go at it and it was a 20 min match that was better than most of the matches today. I know its a Video Game and Goldberg is not the kind of wrestler that should go Over 10-15 Minutes. Anyway, while I was Playing I started noticing a lot of Similarities between Sheamus and Bill Goldberg. 

First off, lets start with Apparel/Equipment. Both Wear an assortment of Short Trunks. Sheamus with black and Green and Goldberg with black and white. Both wear black wristbands with Sheamus having longer ones. Both wear black Knee bands and black boots. 

Okay now after that "Fashion Statement", Lets move on to Mic Skills. Now Neither is That Great on the mic as Sheamus has the Cool Irish Accent (Irish Power!) and Goldberg with his deep, intimidating voice.

Next, we have Move Sets. Both are Power Wrestlers. Both Have Similar move sets with the exception of their Finishers and others. For Example, Sheamus is more of a Grappler/Brawler while Goldberg also a Grappler/Brawler but also a Striking wrestler. Both have a Running Finisher. Sheamus has the Bicycle Kick and Goldberg with his Monstrous Spear, like Edge's Spear on Steroids! Both have a Power/Strength Grapple Finisher. Sheamus has his version of the Razor's Edge and Goldberg has the Jackhammer. Sheamus also has the Irish Curse Backbreaker while Goldberg has multiple Suplexes like Belly to belly and Military Press Slam. Both have used a Front Powerslam in the past and Neckbreakers. Both use non-finisher running Strikes with Sheamus using the Double Axe Handle and Goldberg using a Big Boot.

For the last of the similarities, Lets look at Success in Wrestling. Both have had Large pushes right of the Back. Sheamus after destroying WWE ECW, beat John Cena for the WWE Title In a Table Match and Now in a Fatal 4 Way. Goldberg went on a 173 match Undefeated Streak and in the Process winning the WCW US Title and the WCW World Heavyweight Title in less than 2 years. Now people have questioned if Both were deserving of their Monster Pushes and it is a good Question.

Now that we are done Comparing the two, lets look at Tonight on the 900th Episode of Raw! I Realize that WWE.com has already said that a Match will be Sheamus, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, and Chris Jericho vs The Nexus in a 10 man Tag Team Match. HOWEVER, I would Love to See Sheamus cutting a Promo about Night of Champions and Than out of No Where we hear the Loud Noise and Goldberg On the TITANTRON with his Music BLAREING!!!! Than Goldberg does his Epic Entrance with the Pyro, Cuts a Promo on Sheamus on how his is not the Only Great Monster and than Out of No Where a SPEAR!!!!!!!!! Please tell me I'm Not the Only One who Would Love to see THAT!!!!!!!!

Also, If It does happen or Not, I think that Goldberg and Sheamus would be Great for Goldberg's Last Match at Wrestlemania 27! I Don't want to see Undertaker have a 15 minute Wrestlemania Match as It Is One of the Only times we will probably see him in 2011 and Also, Sheamus could go for 10-15 Minutes in a similar match to the One he had with Triple H at WM 26 but Better as the House would be Rocking for GOLDBERG! .... GOLDBERG!!! Anyway, this is just my take!

Like Always, I hope you enjoyed reading and Any Feedback Is Greatly Appreciated!!