Bleacher Report's Top 10 Sports Viral Videos of the Week

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2010

Bleacher Report's Top 10 Sports Viral Videos of the Week

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    The title says it all. If you have missed any of the best Sports Videos of the Week, I'll get you caught up.

    And if you have one that I've missed, send it along.

    Included in this week's videos is one of my favorites so far of the preseason.

    Here's the end of the Lavelle Hawkins play.

    Wait till you see his video.

Honorable Mention: It's Never Polite to Grab

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    No athletes have worse tempers than soccer players. This is a fact.

Honorable Mention: Pool Domination

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    Here's a bunch of kids dunking in a pool.

    Kind of cool. And just like all videos like this, the fun is watching to see who almost bites it.


    I'm the only that waits for that?

10. The Latest Spider Man Catch

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    They seem to do this every week in Japan. But I'm not sure it would be legal here.

    Besides the play by play guy is better than the actual catch.

    Right as the ball hits the bat he gives us a new catchphrase...


9. Awesome Own Goal

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    You never want to score on your own goal. People have been killed for that.

    But if you gotta do it, do it in style.

8. Great Fight! Great As in Hilarious

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    I've heard of sucker punching. But how about sucker pinching.

    Did you hear me? I said sucker pinching.

    Moving on, this is not the most masculine of fights.

    Everyone seems to want to fight after they are broken up.

    Except for Big Sofo. He is ready for whatever.

    I'll let you guess who is Big Sofo.

7. Pete Carroll Strikes Again

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    At USC Carroll was known for his pranks, and now he is bringing it to the Seahawks.

    This one is pretty good.

    NSFW because of the players cursing up a storm.

    But you would too.

6. Lavelle Hawkins Doesn't Like Cardinal Players Touching Him

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    The poor guy who he jumped over has a lot of explaining to do.

    He didn't even touch Hawkins.

5. Nick Saban Impersonator

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    He's lucky his coach has a good sense of humor.

    Ezell is spot on though. Great job.

4. Golf Basketball Shot

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    How many tries did it take him?

    What does he do for a living?

    What would make him think to try this?

    Is he under the influence of anything?

    Things I would like to know.

3. My Wife Knows Everything

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    Every horse in this race sounds like a freaking joke.

    What are the chances these two would finish one and two?

    This is really cool.

    In the end, My Wife Knows Everything.

    She really does.

2. Duck! Heads Up! Something!

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    I love how the guy doesn't know what to do when he sees her bending down towards him.

    That look like it hurt.

    Too bad, she looks kind of cute.

1. Quick Thinking...Epic Football Fail

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    Some guys won't be playing Division 1 football in the SEC anytime soon.

    But they will always have this video to show to their kids.

    We all have had that day when we just want to run an ill-advised reverse then, just toss the ball as far as we can and hope for the best.

    Only in total silence can this truly be appreciated.