The Miz Vs Daniel Bryan: Best Storyline In WWE Today?

Michael MalnicofContributor IAugust 30, 2010

Okay Wrestling Fans I haven't written anything in a few weeks so, I'm Back. First off I'd Like to Thank Patrick J for including me in his Nexus/Writers Slide show. The kind words of my work was and still is Greatly Appreciated!

Anyway, back to the article. Now as it seems that the WWE Title match is just a lazy job by the Creative Team and the Nexus seems to be slowing down close to a complete stop, the Only other storyline besides the Divas/ Women's Title Unification (Big WOO!) is over The United States Title between The Miz and the American Dragon (cool nickname even if it does sound like a ripoff of Ricky Steamboat) Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson, what ever floats your boat!

Now, back in May, before Tie-Gate 2010, we were seeing a feud developing between The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Michael Cole (BOOOO!). We were treated to seeing Bryan beat up Cole like the little Bitch He Is! (Sorry for the curse but, that damn Heel Cole does a Great job of getting under my Skin)! And as in the picture above we saw animosity between Pro and Rookie (A 10 Year Vet in the Indy Circuit is called a Rookie to a Guy who started wrestling in 2004)! Then the Nexus angle came and it looked that Miz/Bryan would just be put on hold for a little while, but then Tie-Gate 2010 (Sounds cooler than it was) happened and it looked as if Miz/Bryan was to go the way of the Dodo Bird! 

HOWEVER, at SummerSlam 2010, (Yes I Know for some Ruined it but I didn't look on so I was Shocked, no hard feelings!) we were Given back Daniel Bryan and he helped make the Raw vs Nexus Match entertaining (Yeah even as a Cena Fan the Ending Sucked! Why not a AA or) I digress. Than the Next Night, I was Happy to see Miz come down the ramp to cost Bryan a Win and than the Skull Crushing Finale onto the MITB Briefcase. Then last week at the End of the Cena/Miz Match (Not the worst Cena Raw match ever but so-so) we see Bryan toss Miz to Cena for the AA and Then the Crippler Crossface on Miz was so Awesome, to steal Miz's Phrase!

Also, I don't know if others have noticed but, I think that WWE has Bryan using a different version of the Crossface than Benoit's to not have media bring up the old Benoit stories! Hey, Thats just Me. 

To Get back, I Can see this Feud Going a few ways. 1) Miz vs Bryan at Night of Champions for the US Title with Bryan losing and than a Follow up match at Hell in a Cell and Bryan Winning the US Title and then a No DQ on either Raw or Bragging Rights. Then a Miz Team vs Bryan Team at Survivor Series with Miz Winning and then a Ladder Match at TLC for the MITB in Dec and perhaps a Brawl during the Royal Rumble do to One eliminating the other and than a Final No Holds Barred at Elimination Chamber! I think this would be the best Way as it A) Lets the Miz Defend the Tile Once before losing it. B) Allows Bryan to get over with the fans who don't know about his Great ROH Career (Mostly yonuger fans). C) It allows Miz to Hold on to Money in the Bank for awhile and Puts him up close to the Main Event. 

I think this should go alot like the Edge/Matt Hardy feud did in 2005 but, with the United Stats Title added in. Hopefully Bryan doesn't end up like Matt where he works his Ass off but doesn't get a World Title Reign.

To Close, I have been watching some of Daniel Bryan's Career and I Have to say that though he is only 190 lbs and small, He deserves a WWE Title Shot in the Future. I Hope that he ends up getting the Belt like Eddie and Benoit did but, without the sad endings! To Anyone who says he is Too Small to Get the WWE Title, just remember that 175 lbs Rey Mysterio has had 2 World Titler Reigns!

Again, Like always thank you for your Time and Any Feedback is Greatly Appreciated!