JR Blogs About a Formation Of a Wrestlers Union!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 30, 2010

Recently JR posted some comments on his blog. He talked about his current status as a WWE employee, his black hat, but more importantly a wrestlers union. It was one of his more vocal rants that I have seen in some time. While I have always felt a wrestlers union would be an end all be all for wrestlers, it certainly couldn’t hurt for them to have one.

Let’s face the facts; unions are pretty much a thing of the past. There are many that still exist today, but they no longer have the clout that they once did. Still, they do offer things like health insurance, and retirement benefits.

So for JR to completely dismiss that a union would benefit wrestlers would be crazy. Here are some of the things JR had to say when it came to wrestlers forming a union. I will let you guys decide if what he is saying is nonsense.


JR’s thoughts on a wrestling union:

“A wrestling union would not have solved the issues that many wrestlers have had over the years. Walk in clinics, shady doctors, hiring the wrong people, and a changing society in general would have prevailed in a battle with a wrestling union. What can be done to erase many of the perceived issues that have plagued pro wrestling in the past few generations? I wish I had a fool proof answer but when dealing with human beings there are no guarantees or answers that are always right. I do endorse zero tolerance for all banned substances. I endorse on going through education to teach wrestlers, young and old alike, about the evils of drug and alcohol abuse. I endorse recruiting as high a quality of a human being and world class athlete as is possible but that too is a gamble and provides no guarantee that those individuals will remain 'issue free'. Extensive education, constant mentoring, monitoring every athlete's behavior as much as possible, continued random testing, and a never ending search for new solutions to stay up with new ways to cheat are some of the issues that one could consider for what is becoming a societal issue that plagues all pro sports and various forms of entertainment.”

“One last thing on a wrestling union...it would be almost comical to see a group of wrestlers attempt to form a union because there would likely be a b---hfest on what to order for lunch, where to have the meeting, etc not to mention who to elect as the head of the union and subsequent decision makers. An outsider would likely be needed and to find an outsider with product knowledge, although not impossible, would not be easy. Forget the wrestler's union theory as it isn't going to happen inmy life time at least.”

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